Was Kolomoisky behind Kiev’s Violence? Bloody Constitution Day [+video]


September 1st, 2015 – 

By: Yurasumy – Napravdi – 

is a “Bloody Sunday” in Russia’s history. A lot of blood has already been
spilled in Ukraine. But the country will remember the day of the first vote on
new Constitution for a long time  

Today during the rally at Parliament building,
someone from the crowd of protesters threw a grenade at the police: the police
Chief of Kiev said that as of 15.00 about 100 law enforcement officers have
been injured. More than 10 of them are in critical condition. One is dead. One
soldier of the internal troops had his legs ripped off.

The worst thing is that, logically, this
should not have happened. We all knew that the amendment will score 226 votes
in the first reading. So everybody understands that the second reading will be prolonged.
At least until the local elections in the regions of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the
radicals were obliged to show their followers that they are against it and they
rallied the people. And then BOOM!

Is it a random silly “monkey with a
grenade” or deliberate provocation?

To be honest, it doesn’t look like an accident:
the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov then denied it:

“The deceased soldier Debrin was 24 years
old – from Kherson – it was a shrapnel to the heart, not a bullet. The grenade thrower
is a “svobodovets” of “Sich” [supporter of Svoboda party – ed].

According to him there are 122 injured in the
hospitals of the city.

Strange, of course, any surgeon can
distinguish bullet from shrapnel. Apparently, operation “cover-up”
has been launched again, and Gerashchenko was just not up to date and on the
emotions again gave up a “secret information”.

So let us consider the version of deliberate intensity
of the situation. Who benefits from it? Even if the police will officially declare
thrower insane… Although, bullet to the heart will not allow this to be done.

Clearly, the Junta doesn’t need this explosion.
Poroshenko is walking on a razor’s edge more than a year already. No matter
what biographers will write, but this tension in the center of the capital on
this day is not exactly what he needs. He has been dreaming more than a year of the adoption of a new Constitution, which would strengthen his
authority, and therefore to turn election day into a massacre on the square in
front of Parliament – certainly not in his best interest. This day was supposed
to be another indication that he controls the situation, not the other way

I can say the same about the official
“opposition”. First, it’s not their methods, and secondly, the
oppositionists are preparing to return to power, and any destabilization of the
situation only distances them from this day.

But the “radicals”, which are unceremoniously
being pushed from power can benefit from it. In the corridors of power there is
already a talk that officials from the radicals will lose their positions in September
during the reformation of the composition of the Cabinet and other agencies.
Any destabilization benefits them. In the first place is Kolomoisky.
Wouldn’t be
surprised if he is behind this provocation.

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