Who Forgot Poroshenko’s Birthday was Sunday?


September 29th, 2015 – 

Ruslan Lyapin – Novorosinform – translated by Paul Siebert – 

Between Putin on 60 minutes and at the UN, the Pope’s tour, Obama’s stumble and more – it was hard to remember that last Sunday was Poroshenko’s birthday!  A day which no doubt will someday soon be a national holiday for all of Ukraine!

news agency Novorosinfo could not ignore this event. Scores of residents of
Donbas and the former Ukraine
expressed their desire to congratulate Poroshenko. Unfortunately, most of them
can not be quoted here because of the censorship. We will provide a selection
of the typical ones, though.

will also write a couple of lines. Long ago, in another country, in another
world, a little boy named Peter was born. Certainly, it was a happy event for
his family.

boy grew up, studied hard and, as they say, was kind and sympathetic. Probably,
like all boys of his age he dreamed of becoming a sea captain or a cosmonaut.
He played war games fighting the Nazis. And then he grew up …

wish not to this grown-up Petr Alekseevich, but to that boy to find a
“time machine” and to visit Vanya in a Moscow
hospital, to talk to the children in Gorlovka,
Pervomaisk, Lugansk. To be in Odessa on May 2 and to see a Nazi march in

Then I
would turn on the TV and let him listen to the speech of an adult Petr.


Today, on the twenty-sixth of
September, the fifth President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko is
celebrating his birthday! Undoubtedly, for the natives, the birthday of their governor-general
is a very important and significant event. That is why the Ukies staged a
competition – who will congratulate this war criminal with more sickly-sweet

In a frenzy of crazed
adoration these patriotic Ukrainians wished all kinds of goodies: “wealth”
(to this oligarch who has robbed them?), good health to the children (well, the
children of Petr Alekseevich are in London,
so they will be all right), and speedy victory over the “Moskals”.


Disesteemed Petr Alekseyevich!

We would like to congratulate
you on the day of your birth (damn that day).

We wish you and your family to
hear the whizzing of shells flying close, we wish you to live in the basement for
a year or two while bombs will be hitting your house.

 We also wish that your workplace is hit with a
ballistic missile “Tochka U” and you, with your whole team, are
crushed under the rubble!

What else do you wish? In general
– damn you!


do not congratulate Petrushka  Alkoshenko
with his jubilee and wish him …. To be brought before the tribunal of the
people of Donbas. Let this bastard be brought
to account for all his crimes!

May the
tunes of Frederic Chopin sound in his ears along with groans, prayers and sobs
of women, children and the elderly of Donbas.


May the crying of the killed
and maimed children of Donbas accompany you
every night till your death.

We wish your grandchildren
would be consumed by a fierce fratricide. And you, scoundrel, should be
witnessing that and remembering how people in Odessa were burnt alive.


Peter has achieved a lot. He  can be proud of himself – mountains of
corpses, neck-deep in blood, poverty in the country – you are “the
best” president of Ukraina-Ruina, Peter, congratulations!

Burn in hell, scumbag! And
while you live – be tormented every moment of day and night ….


It does not matter on what day
a pig was born, it is important what day it will slaughtered … We will mark
the occasion then.

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