Why will Russia save Syria, but not Ukraine?

Reaction in Syria

A comparison of Syria with Ukraine is very significant, because it gives answers to the main questions in Ukraine – how and why Russia acted here, and not there.

Russky Malchik 
September 23, 2015

September 26, 2015
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

People are raising the question: Why is Russia getting into a military confrontation in Syria, but not in Ukraine? But are Syrians closer to us than Ukrainians? 

Not just that in particular, but in general, sadly, it turns out that yes – some became brothers in spirit, ready to fight for their right to remain human, others have sold out for for beads and have considered themselves “non-bros.”

A comparison of Syria with Ukraine is very significant, because it gives answers to the main questions in Ukraine – how and why Russia acted here, and not there. Syria and other countries have become a victim of Western propaganda and aggression, with attempts to bring the thugs and terrorists to power. But the scenario is completely different in Syria: 
1. President Assad did not go on about the “peaceful opposition” and the western ultimatums. 
2. When the West let the scumbag terrorists loose on him, passing them off as rebels, Assad found support in the Syrian elite, and despite a series of betrayals, managed to keep control of the country through a management layer and through army personnel. 
3. The United States created a new band of the IG on the ruins of Iraq,and brought to bear a new, even harder blow to Syria. After a series of losses, 
4. During the 4 years in heavy fighting, despite the enormous sacrifices and the multimillion migration, Syria continues to resist against gangs of thugs, demonstrating the will and sober understanding of the situation. The people of Syria together with the nucleus of the elite and the government become a monolith.

1. President Yanukovych, being indirectly supported by Moscow, at a crucial time – February 21 – showed himself a coward. He do not take the responsibility for the necessary [countering] violence and still believes this is an achievement. 
2. The elite in turn betrayed both Yanukovych, and that part of the country with pro-Moscow views rather than pro-western ones. The Ukraine elite surrendered to the west root and branch. Zero resistance. 
3. The population of Ukraine, sadly, for the most part accepted – either through fright or indifference –the illicit seizure of power by thugs, in Kiev, and in the field. There was active resistance only in Crimea, Donbass, and from hundreds of people in Odessa, Zaporozhye and Kharkov. 
4. For more than a year and a half, the population of Ukraine, despite all the harassment of thugs, tolerate them and, moreover, allow themselves to be incited against residents of Donbass, and Russia. No amount of propaganda can get around the fact that many of the people of Ukraine betrayed themselves. Ready to kiss the boots of US soldiers for trampling on Russians. Shame.

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Up to now: In Syria, Russia has stepped up its assistance only after seeing that al-Assad was on the brink of a possible defeat, when Syria was at 100% of their capacity or more, and when, according to some reports, Washington was ready to carry out a ground operation to eliminate Assad. Well, a purely legal detail, it is as important for Putin personally for as for the lawyer: Assad, the legitimate authority in Syria, officially, on behalf of the majority of his people, asked for the help. Syria has long been a Russian military base. There are no obstacles in terms of international norms and laws in assisting Damascus.

And in Ukraine? Immediately after the violent seizure of power in Kiev, Moscow, by conducting unique operations performed the minimum necessary job: protect Crimea and its fleet from extremist overthrow. At the time, it was legitimate and understandable. Given a collapsed state, with extremists in power, the people of the peninsula spoke clearly against them and for thier return to Russia. It was, for Russia, the key, in the form of a military base. This is a unique situation, in fact.

Next Moscow, clearly expressing its position about what happened in Kiev, was expecting some response from local people and the elites. Active resistance arose only in the Donbass, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia, but came to naught at the first wave of terror. The arson at the Odessa House of Trade Unions was that tragic point, after which it became clear that the scale of the whole Ukrainian resistance appeared un-unified, and that most were resigned to the regime and to believe in its propaganda of hatred to Russia. 

During the election the Poroshenko junta actually received a mandate from the majority of the population, and the window of opportunity to overthrow the impostors with Russian aid slammed shut. Yes, it was the defeat of the Russian world in most parts of Ukraine, and Moscow had to admit it. In Ukraine it appeared there was none to rely on.

There remained the task – to protect the Donbass without the direct intervention of the Russian army, which would have looked like foreign intervention and was unacceptable for Russia. In principle it is possible, but, unfortunately, would involve heavy casualties, since the Russian army could not act directly, nor use its full potential. The Kiev authorities were so frostbitten as to formally count citizens of their state as a non-humans and kill them in a frenzy. Recognizing the Donbass as independent and to annex it is something Russia had no legal right to do, because in these areas there was not enough government and continuity of government, as in the Crimea. In addition, by connecting the Donetsk and Lugansk (even a small part of the territory of New Russia), Russia would thus let go of the rest of Ukraine. Donbass turned out to be the anchor that kept Kiev in our field of influence, exhausting its regime.

So: military assistance to Syria could be formal and even outright because Syria has a legitimate authority, cohesive elite, and heroic people that have not betrayed and sold themselves. In Ukraine, none of this obtained, close to us though it be. We all lost this territory ideologically, and therefore do not (yet) have the ability to fight openly in the military way. In Syria, it is against the scumbags who call themselves true Muslims, resisting with guns in their hands, in the Ukraine it would be against the thugs who call themselves patriots, and are counted as the ones in power. And they give their names to the streets. It is a fact, and there’s no getting around it.

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