WMD! US’s New Reason for Russia Sanctions


September 2nd. 2015

By: Lyudmila Bugakova for u-f.ru – 

translated for Fort Russ by: Joaquin Flores

The embassy of the United states explained the real reasons for the new sanctions against Russian companies, which were introduced yesterday, according to RIA Novosti, citing the words of William Stevens, a spokesman for the US Embassy in the Russian Federation

It was learned that the ‘black list’ included Russian defense enterprises. Next, under American sanctions, came companies allegedly involved in the transfer to Iran, North Korea, Syria, or acquisition in these countries of goods, services, technologies that could make a major contribution tto the development of weapons of mass destruction.  This will be known, according to the source, on the “basis of reliable information”.

“Companies have come under sanctions due to their involvement in the transfer and acquisition to Iran, North Korea, and Syria those technologies, goods, services, and other items that can make a significant contribution to the development of weapons of mass destruction,”, said the US diplomat. 

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