Worried over immigration? Then think why people emigrate!


Ronald Zonca

in Boulevard Voltaire

August 31, 2015

September 1, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

The only way to stop immigration is to help countries so their people are able to remain rooted in their own culture and land. 

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The Polish president Andrzej Duda expressed his worry, Friday last, before meeting with this German counterpart, over the flood of immigrants out of Ukraine.

Ukrainians by their thousands are crossing the Polish or Hungarian frontier, fleeing from their country.

His concern is legitimate but at the same time is a demonstration of Europe’s incoherent foreign policy. How can you lament the problems that stem from immigration when you’re doing everything to turn their people into nomads?

If either through servility or venality Poland has supported a coup d’etat, she cannot complain about the fallout. For a great part of her population, Ukraine has become unliveable.

The economic collapse and the civil war generated by the coup d’etat give the citizen the choice: 

  1. become cannon fodder; 
  2. go to prison for desertion; 
  3. go to prison for non-payment of one’s heating bill,  or, better yet, 
  4. escape from a country that holds no prospect of a decent life.

Worse, today, Poland continues its support of a government that, day after day, is burying the country. To its credit she behaves in faithful support of the US in its worldwide policy of pillage.

The Europe that cannot deal any further with the immigration from the Near East and Maghreb, is seeing its doors open to a new source of immigration. How is it possible to imagine that the consequences of such a coup were not plain to see for our “elites”?

The consequences were in fact plain to see, and it is in full knowledge of the cause that our politicians have orchestrated this emigration drama, and in consequence, this immigration.

Are they supposing that the only way to resolve the problems of unemployment is to have people exterminate each other, and that emptying a country of its inhabitants makes plundering it more easy?

After emptying the substance out of the words “liberty” and “democracy” the objective is to empty people of their own proper substance, their roots.

Human nature itself makes people aspire to live on the land that gave them birth, where they grew up. They are rooted in land and culture.

We are soon about to celebrate the 70 years of the UN, which has inscribed in its Charter the right of people to choose for themselves. The corollary is that the states have a duty of non-interference in the interior affaires of a country, and especially not in the famous principles of democracy and liberty. The democracy put forward by our elites consists in asking the view of the people so they can ignore it, and the liberty that they propose is economic and financial enslavement.

The only way to arrest the immigration into Europe is to help the states so their people can stay rooted in their culture and their land, and not create the illusion of an better elsewhere in the light of a dehumanizing materialism.

On the human scale, the forced emigration is, first, a crisis for the individual migrant, and the massive immigration is a breach of the personal integrity of a people.

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