Yurasumy: Contours of the Third Maidan


September 8th, 2015 – 

By: Yurasumy – PolitRussia – 

–  translated for FR by Soviet Bear –

Ukraine, throughout most of the 21st century, is counting the time between Maidans.
Kuchma ruled before the first Maidan. Yushchenko after the first. Yanukovych
before the second. Poroshenko has ruled after the second and still rules. 

It is
logical to assume that the next President will rule after the Maidan number 3.
Of course, I understand that it is too early to talk about it now, but some of
the events happening right now, are forcing me to think about the future. About who
will come to power in Ukraine and how it all might end, if we go with the flow
on a boat built by our enemies.

Two events that started at the same time have
forced me to write this article. At first glance, they have nothing in common.
What can be shared between the attempt to create the new Maidan in Moldova and
the coup d’etat attempt in DPR?

Transformation Of The Maidan

is impossible at the Maidan. At first glance it was the most delusionalal that thought that ideas could be
implemented there. That’s why the transformation from “anti-oligarchic
revolt” to oligarchic dictatorship happened pretty quickly.  The cauldron of Ilovaysk didn’t get to boil
properly, but the bridle was already thrown on all “revolutionaries”, quickly
and thoroughly. Next was the power of the oligarchs and the struggle between
them for rapidly decreasing Ukraine’s resources.

And I understand that it all looks very

The First Maidan – euphoria from Kuchma and
Yanukovych step down. People have decided that they can build a new world. And
they did: a year later, fall 2005, the new oligarchs “yoked up” the
country, imposed extortion  by squeezing
it in the grip of drastically increased corruption. And not a single
“advocate of freedom” even said a thing. Because this is what
the bosses wanted. And then the bosses demanded the impossible from “the free
people of Europe”: combining together the overthrowing and overthrown oligarchs…

Election results after the ‘1st Maidan’ – the Orange revolution – reveal to have a ‘Galician’ character even then – .ed

Yes, combining overthrowing and overthrown
oligarchs in the winter of 2015 is exactly the thing that the Americans were
thinking about. The war in the Donbass took positional forms.  Russian
“Ukrainians” kill Russian “Novorossiyans”

somewhere in the
region of the Seversky Donets. This situation had to be urgently fixed.  And this was their idea. When I first said it in
February 2015, many people ridiculed me. 

As might be expected then, that deposed Yanukovych may return to power, and nobody else but America itself might be the ones to
help him? It has already happened in the past…

After the First Maidan. The “Shirka”
(a Ukrainian slang term for coalition of 2 antagonizing political parties, who
gained popularity on harsh criticism of each other) happened too suddenly for
all ordinary participants of the Maidan. According to the same
“leaders”, only it could save the country:

“The creation of a coalition with Party of Regions and the election of the new President of Ukraine in Parliament is necessary to avoid the split of Ukraine” 

(the Deputy from BYT  Oleg Lyashko).

Then everything was created, but without the
BYT (Block of Yulia Tymoshenko), and with the help of the socialists
“grandfather” Moroz. All the negative of the Maidan crowd was re-directed
towards the opponents. The main goal was achieved. Ultimately part of the
Maidan forces teamed up with anti-maidan forces, which led the country to the
second Maidan.

The Euro-integration and the war in the
Donbass have destroyed everything: stability, economy, confidence in the
future. The population of Ukraine obeyed, feared, but already hated them. But in
the beginning everyone was happy: someone with impunity, someone that
everything in Kiev is finally over. And later the joy turned to war. “War
will write everything off”, – says the old political wisdom. And it worked
while the war was going on.  But the war started more than six months ago and the
situation in the country, despite the vigorous statements from the elite, is appalling
and is not going to improve. And the “bees” began to suspect

According to the latest polls, even without
considering the Donbass only half of the residents of Ukraine have negative or
very negative perception of Russia, but almost everyone hated those oligarchs
who are now in power. The trend has been already defined, and further
developments can only worsen the situation for the American project of

Only shifting the liability to the enemy can
make a difference. For this sole purpose the operation “moderates”,
or “Shirka-2” was launched. 

The plan is simple and it has been tested
repeatedly: the “Pro-Russian forces” are brought to power, they
accumulate all the negative, whether it’s the consequences of war, the future blooming
of lawlessness and corruption in the country, or the collapse of the economy.
And after the new “Yanukovych” pushes the country to the brink of death, a new
Maidan would begin. And examples of this scenario have already been tested…

How it will be, you can look at the example of
Moldova. The Pro-European forces of this country in 6 years went totally
bankrupt,  then were “reincarnated”
into “Pro-Russian” and have become targets of a new Maidan. It is Moldovan
oligarchs started the Maidan in their country under the slogan “European
path of development”. Then, when the idea failed, they began to flirt with
Moscow, without forgetting to feed from the hands of the “master”, i.e. the
United States. This has allowed them to turn the country into a total
dictatorship in recent years.

Anyone read in the Western or Russian press
about the “bloody regime” in Moldova? At least two years ago? No.
Why? All parties believed that the situation is under control, and each bomb
explodes only when it will be beneficial to its real owner.

Is anyone making any connections here?

Yes, this scenario is now being prepared and
Ukraine. What does it have in common with the events in Donetsk? 

It’s very

In Kiev, the Maidan-3 already completed its first few steps. The events happening
right now in Donetsk are the first step in this direction:  the supposedly “Pro-Russian”
oligarchic clans come to power, which completely destroys the idea of the
people’s Republic…  In Donetsk they are
hated passionately. And this is the first step to a boat that will float with
the flow…

And will this end the war?

No, of course! Ferdinand Foch (a French military
theorist and the Allied Généralissime during the First World War), when he saw
a sample of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, written by Great Britain said:
“This is not a peace treaty; it is an armistice for twenty years”.
And a wise politician was not mistaken. It was not peace but an armistice. And
just for 20 years. The French entered the “boat of peace” built by
their enemies and gained war and defeat.

What was proposed by the “Minsk-2”
isn’t a peace treaty; it’s a truce for a few years maximum…

It’s very easy to sit in the boat proposed by
your opponent, but very difficult to get out of it later.

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