Yurasumy: What does War mean for Ukraine?


September 30th, 2015 – 

Yurasumy – Politnavigator – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

It would seem that there is
nothing easier than to define the notion of “war”. My grandmother
always told me one phrase: “If only there was no war”. She could
tolerate anything but war, which she had seen with her own eyes, and was the
most terrible event in her life.

Instead of introduction

People who were raised on books and films,
often associate war with armoured columns breaking through the enemy’s rear.
With airplanes dropping bombs, submarines sinking ships, and other similar things.
That is, exactly what you write, what you are proud of, what causes the greatest
INTEREST. It is the interest in shows in the late twentieth century which turned
war into a spectacle. The first such war was the American “Operation Desert

All this became possible thanks to the satellite
television era. Thanks to technology, it became possible to monitor the war in
real time. So after the “Storm” there was Kosovo, then the second
campaign in Iraq and so on.

Gradually a circle of readers, listeners,
viewers, who perceived the war not as something very scary and close what you
can and should empathize was but as an entertainment, show, evening movie for
the night was formed. The Internet “hamsters” require action and are unhappy
when they are deprived of the next portion of entertainment. And when it
gets boring, they seek new experience and new themes to get those necessary
doses of the information drug.

Meanwhile, war is destruction, grief and loss.
Exactly what our grandparents saw, and what I and many of my compatriots see
today. For them war is not a game. For them it has turned again… into the
most terrible phenomenon on Earth.


War is terrible primarily in its losses. Yes,
it is painful to lose a car, house, or company after an attack or a bombing. But it’s really scary to lose a loved one, with whom only yesterday together you went
down the street and made plans for life.

This terrible war: there was a man once and now
he is gone, or crippled, or … lost their human looks. It happens often at
war. It lays bare the feelings and burns the soul.

Fearing that the society may discover the true
losses, the governments of the world operate according to the same scheme:
underestimate their losses, exaggerate enemy losses. Sometimes years and
decades pass before the ugly truth becomes known to the public. Often it is
inferred by indirect methods, because statistical data on losses is the most
important secret of the state for a long time.

Ukraine’s losses in the civil war are yet to
be calculated. It’ll probably happen soon, maybe later. I do not know. I don’t delve in official numbers. And it’s not even to say that it’s patently false.
Unfortunately, officially only the direct losses of war are counted.  The chief researcher of the Institute of demography of
NANU Natalia Ryngach says:

2014, the mortality rate of able-bodied men due to external factors amounted to
160,3 thousand against 135, 1st in 2013 (registered by the state Statistics
service in 2014 3394 death as “Damage due to military action”). If
the war continues, this will become a serious problem in Ukraine, given that
the mortality rate of men is three times higher for women aged 20 to 60

As you know, this is just the tip of the
iceberg. Remember the sensational case, when the APC under control of the UAF
soldier in Kramatorsk ran over the child? What losses the people of Ukraine
suffered? Yes, two people and several ruined lives. The child died, the soldier
will go to jail. Some people are crippled. For their loved ones this day will
be the most terrible in life. Because on this day the war affected them
specifically and did not go somewhere. If there was no war, none of this would
have happened.

But because data on the losses in the war is
ironically, often distorted the statistics. Without emotion, and only on the
basis of impersonal facts. Often they combine dozens or even hundreds of large
and small factors. They ultimately boil it down to graphics, and we see the

In this demographic pyramid the losses in the civil war in Ukraine are not particularly noticeable. But they will
grow, as until now it is clearly visible losses of past wars.

But these losses are already visible on the
streets of Ukrainian cities. Mutilated bodies and souls of men. These losses
are constantly increasing after a grenade explosion in a café, house, or just
on the street. The mass of unaccounted weapons and ammunition imported by the
war veterans from the warzone, settled on more than 500 thousand square
kilometers of territory of Ukraine and almost every day increases the number of
victims and the crippled lives.

A huge number of people have left the country
with the intention to never return to their leprous homeland. And it’s mostly
young people.

The birth rate in the country compared to 2014
(the territorial losses) fell by 15%. Absolutely in all fields. And this is
also a result of the war.

But, unfortunately, not even these losses are
the most important. The leprosy of fascism cripples people, even without killing.
After each parade of “hatred”, in which one part of society is
encouraged to hate the other part and… to kill them, the losses of the country are
programmed for years and decades to come. Youth who are ready to kill and gets
pleasure from killing, is unlikely to truly love and to learn to create, and
therefore, future generations would not be born. Perhaps it’s better that they
will not be born, but at the same time it is bad that a huge mass of young and
healthy people have become not just useless, but dangerous to their own country
and their people.

So, we are ready to make a sad conclusion. All
the losses of the war cannot be counted by anybody. Even the statistics. We will
never be able to count up all the loss of a just ended war. They
will reverberate in every generation of our people. God forbid that these
losses were fatal for them.

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