16 Thousand Deserters roam with guns in Ukraine


October 5th, 2015 – 

By: Gwinplane for Antifashist – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear

Sometimes, to understand the problem better, the figure
we should be using is something more descriptive than just a number. Now,
according to the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anantoly Matios, a little
less than ten  armed regiments, by the standards of the regiment since my service in the Soviet Army, are not adhering to the oath regiments roam
the Ukrainian territory freely.

“About 16 thousand Ukrainian soldiers defected
from the zone of military operation in the Donbas, most of them are armed with

This was reported to journalists by the chief military
Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, reports TASS.

“We investigated 16 thousand criminal cases
concerning deserters who left the area of military operations, and a
significant part of them armed with weapons. The interior Ministry has said
that there are not more than a thousand persons who left the ranks of the UAF
during the year””
, – he said.

Ten regiments – are only those soldiers who have
passed on records of the Ministry and were mobilized or called to be personnel
of the military units. Nobody know the exact figure of armed thugs roaming
Ukraine. Because before they got caught and entered into the ranks of the UAF,
nobody kept records and statistics for members of the “volunteer
battalions” who left the ATO zone with weapons in their hands. They are
very difficult even to identify – hello to revolutionary “Balaclavas”! 

No one really knows how many weapons from the ATO zone were evacuated by the volunteers and those who finished their service or went into
the rotation. Judging by the numerous notes about the seizure of weapons transported
to Ukraine from the ATO zone– it went and continues to go there by stream. Thus,
ten regiments can be out of control. In the current Ukrainian realities, you
can easily guess where it will be used this weapon in the struggle for survival and

The situation can be resolved and Kiev junta is doing this
according to their capabilities, which are not very large – the demoralized
army and unprofessional police. Gangs of local “self-defense” which should be
classified as “wild” regiments. 

But judging from the figures provided
by the chief military Prosecutor – “not more than a thousand
detainees”, we can easily calculate that at this pace, Ukraine will get
rid of these regiments at least in the next fifteen years given that the
economic situation in the country as a whole will “improve”. But so far, there
is no prerequisites to it, the “wild”
shelves will be replenished with new and new people.

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