60% of Crimean Ukrainians identified themselves as Russians at the latest census


Crimean Referendum

October 6, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

About 60% of Crimean Ukrainians at the last census in the Republic declared themselves as Russians, said on “Radio Vesti” political analyst Taras Berezovets.

According to him, Ukrainians in Crimea didn’t want to identify themselves as such and this trend is increasing.

“In 2001, according to the latest Ukrainian census there were 536 thousand Ukrainians in Crimea and according to the Russian census of October 2014 – there were already 320 thousand Ukrainians. Where did the 200 thousand Ukrainians disappear, did they all leave? No. It’s just our smart Ukrainians, who quickly signed in as Russians. I am sure that if you do it in a couple of years, there will be even less”, — said Berezovets.

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