Adviser to the Interior minister of Ukraine, Anton Gerashenko, banned from Facebook for his kill list website for Russian personel in Syria


October 7, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Kristina Rus: Terrorist Ukrainian authorities are one and the same with ISIS, created by the same master for the same purpose of chaos, death and destruction. No wonder they come to the aid of their brothers in arms. In a normal society these people would be at least isolated, in Ukraine they are given power to rule over the entire country.

After appeals to help ISIS Facebook removed the page of Gerashchenko

Facebook team appreciated the call of Gerashenko to assist ISIS and to leak the data about the Russian military involved in operations against the terrorists.

Page removed! Very interesting, how Gerashenko will comment on the incident.

It is in Ukraine, they (still) can. But outside they will soon become outcasts. 

Nothing earth-shattering has happened. But by Ukrainian standards a ban on Gerashenko’s page will be a mega-event. Many people will sincerely not understand why it was removed. Why us, as they say?

PS. Here is a screenshot of the message for which Gerashenko was banned.

Anton Gerashenko:

At night when I have time, I read my personal messages. 

Decided to share a message from a friend with the Facebook community.

“Anton, Russian propaganda channels and the Russian army in a race for PR and glorifying “the power of Russian weapons” in Syria almost in every report show the personnel from Russia, hanging bombs and rockets on the planes.

They are idiots! They should have published their names, phone numbers and addresses! Although, I believe, their faces are sufficient so that ISIS members and their brothers in Russia, which there are many in the Caucusus, could later find them and pay them back according to the Sharia law.

I think with such a turn of events, the balls and heads of these technicians may not make it intact.”

In accordance with the above, I invite all who have information about the Russian citizens taking part in the undeclared war of Russia against the Syrian people to report all the information to the website “Peacemaker” (“Mirotvorets”), where there will be a separate section “Putin’s crimes in Syria and in the Middle East”

Kristina Rus: Recall this notorious website set up by Ukrainian Interior ministry was involved in another high-profile murder (among others) of Ukrainian author and historian Oles Buzina, who was killed for his views by the radicals after his address was listed on this kill list website, which was traced back to NATO servers.

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