Anti-Russian hysteria makes people indignant


October 1st, 2015 – – Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –

Anti-Russian hysteria makes many people in Ukraine


“Recently, my grandson, who is a second-grader
coming home from school, took his toy machine gun, went to the window and began
to “shoot” at passers-by on the street saying, “Death to
Moskals!”. “Who taught you this crap?” – I was surprised.
“In school, during the breaks we play such game”, – answered the
grandson. I am frightened by this anti-Russian hysteria, which saturates all
television and radio programs. It is impossible to bring up young people in
hate. This way we raise a generation of jackals, incapable of compassion. It is
foolish to quarrel with the neighbor, a powerful country that has nuclear
weapons and enormous energy reserves. That’s why I do not understand those people
who voted for anti-Russian deputies. Such policies will bring us to our graves,
to our complete impoverishment”.

“Almost all my friends are dissatisfied with the
policies of Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko. Some people build their sympathies on the
basis of the ethnicity of people alluding to the fact that Yatsenyuk and
Poroshenko are Jews. But what does it matter? It is not important what is the
nationality of people who occupy the leading positions. In Ukraine beggars are
ruled by billionaires – that is our biggest tragedy”.

“The country is infected by a virus of Galician
nationalism. The hate of all Russian, admiration of Hitler’s minions, traitors,
banderites had been spread for more than 20 years. This is the root of all
evils. It has nothing to do with nationality”.

“Please do not give my name, because for me it
might mean trouble, – writes a woman
from the Lvov region. – In our region,
anti-Russian propaganda knows no boundaries. For example, a woman in the market
was nearly beaten for selling pencils made in Russia. “What should I do if
I cannot survive on my pension? – cried the woman. – These are the pencils of my son, I sell them in order
to buy some bread!” Those who hear the words “Russia” or
“Putin” become angrier than rabid dogs. But there are also many wise
and reasonable people, who realize that it is stupid and dangerous to quarrel with
such a powerful neighbor as Russia. My father, a true believer, said: “For
God all people are his children. It is a great sin to sow enmity between
Russians and Ukrainian”. Our neighbor fled to Russia, because he does not
want to fight in the Donbas. When leaving, he said to me: “When the
current scum of leaders in Ukraine will be swept by the people’s uprising I
will return to Ukraine. Now I am leaving the country, because I do not want to
shed blood for fat thieves!”    

“Only class approach will help understand the essence
of what is happening. Billionaires and millionaires cannot be patriots of
Ukraine, because the interests of Poroshenko, Yatseniuk and other rich people are
contrary to the interests of ordinary people. They try to divide people with
nationalistic discord for them not to see the true causes of the crisis and destitution
of the working people. The poor are ruled by the rich, who made their fortunes
at the expense of our stolen savings, unpaid wages, unfair pensions, inflated
prices and utility tariffs. And it is not important what the nationality of the
president is – Jewish,
Ukrainian or Tatar. It is important that he is a billionaire and we are paupers”.

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