Azarov: Poroshenko’s UN speech humiliated Ukraine


October 4, 2015 – 

RT – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski 

“Nikolay Azarov: Poroshenko’s speech at the UN summit was boor in meaning and content”

The former Ukrainian head of state commented on his Facebook page on the speech of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko at the UN summit on global developments. RT is publishing the material under the heading of “personal opinion”:

“Never before have I felt such shame from the humiliation of Ukraine after listening to Poroshenko’s speech at the UN General Assembly. In the entire history of the UN, never have our representatives given a speech so empty and poor in thought and content, completely false statements, and disgraced the country, one of the founders of the UN. In fact, Poroshenko didn’t bother to remember this at the anniversary session.

Yanukovich could in the spur of the moment confuse Akhmatov with Akhmetovaya, but his official speeches were always carefully prepared, and were always given thought and calibration. 

In order to not be unfounded, I will briefly cite some “gems” from Poroshenko’s speech. 

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How can one understand such a phrase: “Reduce the poverty level three times, however, due to the Russian aggression, we expect this indicator to fall”?

Does anyone understand what he meant? Will poverty be reduced or not? If understood according to UN criteria, the overwhelming majority of the population lives below the poverty line, and the people has not been confronted with any mythical Russian aggression, but that of Poroshenko and co. with their insatiable avarice and greed. Two years ago, we held quite an average position in line with UN criteria, but now we are among the poorest countries. 

Each day, Poroshenko and co. say that “the war costs $5 million.” Interesting recognition. Firstly, there is theoretically no war, but an ATO. Secondly, and most interesting which should attract the attention of “ATO participants”: each day, Poroshenko spends $50, or more than 1000 hryvnia, on one ATO serviceman. There have been no active combat operations since the Debaltsevo cauldron, so we start to ponder, where are these huge sums? In whose pockets? And this is based on the balance that on the front line there are now 100,000 participants, but really there are significantly less. 

Here’s an interesting statement: “improve the maternal health care system.” What did he mean by this? A further reduction and cancellation of allowances for child birth? So work in this direction is already being actively conducted. For a year and a half, not a single maternity home, not a single perinatal center has been constructed. The “criminal authorities” were actively engaged in this and actually reduced child mortality. But today’s “Europeans” don’t even bother to provide hospitals with medicines and vaccines. They’re running around the world begging, and Russian aggression is to blame here?

One more promise of Poroshenko – improving the quality of education – fits well with Yatsenyuk’s project to cancel free higher education…

Of course, most of the speech was dedicated to the Russian aggression which has allegedly led to “the deaths of thousands of people and the destruction of critical infrastructure.” Here, Poroshenko even shed a few tears. It’s as if Turchynov didn’t send tanks to Donbass and Poroshenko didn’t give the order to bomb cities and other residential areas with multiple-launch rocket systems, howitzers, planes, and other weapons. It’s as if Poroshenko didn’t specifically order the destruction of pipelines, power lines, substations, water lines, and bridges. 

His moaning about a possible environmental disaster due to the saturation of Donbass with harmful materials is so hypocritical if one remembers the attacks on underground storages and chemical plants with “Tochka-U” ballistic missiles in Gorlovka and Donetsk. It is necessarily scary knowing that these people in power have tremendous arrays of arms at their disposal. 

When you read the text of this speech, it seems that it was written by foreigners who do not deeply know the essence of Ukrainian problems, and wrote it quickly, hastily, to please certain listeners. Their goal, apparently, has been achieved: Ukraine has been humiliated and received empty promises.” 

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