Breaking the pattern of the Ukrainian propaganda


October 14th, 2015 – 

By: Aleksandr Gorohov,odnarodyna – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –

Crimea … in Prison or in the Kremlin? 4th march – you decide

the beginning of the punitive operation against Donbass all Ukrainian
propaganda was based on two key points.

1. Russia has invaded Ukraine, and the valiant Ukrainian
troops are successfully holding the onslaught of the badly armed Russian army.

2. It
is good, because soon Putin will be left without soldiers and weapons, and then
Ukraine will avenge collapsing
Russia for all grievances,
ending victoriously the war with damned Moskals in Belgorod,
Moscow, the
Urals, etc.

rhetoric changed dramatically after the launching of the Russian air operations
against the terrorists in Syria.
Some Ukrainians became wary because it was not in keeping with propaganda
clichés of the weak, disintegrating Russia which had not fallen apart yet
only because it seemed undecided which way to collapse. The first reports of
the successful, extremely accurate, hitting of the terrorists infrastructure
caused total rejection in Ukrainian political circles: this can not be true
simply because this can not be possibly true. Especially against the backdrop
of thousands of sorties by the US
aircraft during the whole year.

finally Ukrainian politicians and propagandists plunged into stupor after the
hitting of terrorists with high-precision cruise missiles launched from the
Russian ship in the Caspian Sea. Flying 1,500 kilometers,
these missiles hit their targets with a deviation of only three meters. A
political demonstration of Russia’s
combat capabilities (nobody doubts that this strike was just a demonstration
pursuing foreign policy objectives) led to the breaking of pattern for the Ukrainian
information war instigators. At the same time, it seemed to affect the
consciousness of those the Ukrainian propaganda was directed at. This was
confirmed by the Ukrainian branch of the “Echo of Moscow” program,
during which the moderator had to block incoming calls of viewers after two of
them in a row had soberly assessed the situation.

what about the politicians? After the initial success of the Russian air force
they demanded that Russia
gives them assurances that it is not going to fight with Ukraine.  In this case who was then fighting the
Ukrainian troops according to the Ukrainian media? Probably, indeed, the
miners, drivers and steelworkers of Donbass? After that the most idiotic
Ukrainian freaks gladly offered to sell Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles to ISIS, which could be used to shoot down Russian attack
aircraft. According to the military expert Vladimir Shurygin, ISIS
is seeking contacts with the Ukrainian regime wishing to acquire these systems.

keeping with the Washington policy condemning the destruction of ISIS
terrorists by the Russian aircraft and missiles, the governor of the “state
of Ukraine” Peter Poroshenko responded by scaring the world that Russia’s
actions in Syria could lead to World War III. The Secretary of the NSDC of
Ukraine Aleksandr Turchynov, who gave orders to start a war in the Donbas, was
baffled by the Russian missile strikes on ISIS
and even declared this to be a prelude to a nuclear war. Having forgotten about
the US missile strikes on Yugoslavia,
he regretted that it taught “the international community to passively
observe the use of missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads”. 

Ukrainian intelligence, which today is actually a branch of the US intelligence
services, went even farther in its collaboration with the most dangerous
terrorist group in the world.  The Foreign
Intelligence Service of Ukraine published a complete list of the Russian
military equipment at its Syrian air base in Latakia aimed at combating

The authorities
of the country, the population of which is beginning to see things clearer, seem
to be paraphrasing the famous poem by the young female Maidan participant:
“We and ISIS have become brothers. We have the same sponsor and the same
mother”. After all, Islamic terrorists and the Ukrainian regime were bred
by the United States of

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