Ceasefire chronicles: Fierce fighting in Donetsk, “Aidar” battalion pulled fresh reserves


October 27, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

In the zone of the so-called anti-terrorist operation the situation has deteriorated, the Ukrainian army continues to pull new vehicles to the front line. In addition, fighters of the punitive battalion “Aidar” arrived at the contact line with heavy weapons.

According to the militia, local armed clashes near Donetsk continue to gain momentum. Especially hot today was in the area of Donetsk airport (Peski and Spartak settlements). Heavy machine guns, AGS (automatic mounted grenade launchers), anti-tank guns, heavy mortars (120 mm) and so on are in use. Tanks are at work. Sharp deterioration was observed in Staromikhaylovka, in the area of Butovka mine.

“Fighting continues near Donetsk and gaining strength. Since 00:36 am Octyabrsky district is under fire. “Volvo-center” is catching fire from Nevelsky. In Staromikhaylovka there is a shooting battle. Peski, Spartak — shooting battles with the use of AGS, Wogs (grenade launchers, — ed.), heavy machine guns. The area of “Volvo-center” — small arms. Gvardeyskoe area – small arms and AGS. Also there are battles in the area of Butovka mine. Lights are flashing across town,” – writes one of the militiamen.

“Tank, mortars, heavy machine guns… “Ceasefire” in one word. I wonder, tomorrow will they also talk about the implementation of the ceasefire? Staromikhaylovka, serious tools are joining the battle,” — said the militiaman with the callsign “Angel”.

“Donetsk. Now in the area of “Volvo-center” and Staromikhaylovka there is a shooting fight. Peski, Spartak: the enemy actively uses heavy mortars (120 mm). Northern suburbs — a shooting fight continues using mortars, AGS. In the airport area, tanks are working,” – reported one of the militiamen.

“At 22:50 Donetsk area became restless. Staromikhaylovka — the battle began. Small arms for now. A tank is working in the area of Donetsk airport. Leninsky district hears the gunfire. Roar at Peski village, the village of Spartak, “Butovka”: there are small battles (VOG, RPGs, mortars),” said another militiaman.

According to the militia, violent clashes with small arms continue in Gorlovka. In addition to various types of firearms, DRG (sabotage and reconnaissance groups) are working actively. In the area of Zaytsevo (Gorlovka) there are currently the toughest shooting fights.

“Gorlovka. In the South-West of the city near Michailovka-Ozeryanovka shooting fights periodically break out  (grenade launchers, AGS, WOG),” – said one of the militants.

According to the deputy minister of defense of Donetsk People’s Republic, Eduard Basurin, the Ukrainian military continues to violate the Minsk agreements. In addition, he noted that every day the Ukrainian Armed forces pull new weapons. In addition, fighters of the punitive battalion “Aidar” moved to the contact line.

“Also observed the arrival of battalion “Aidar” with heavy weapons and equipment to the so-called anti-terrorist operation zone. In the village Uspenovka in the House of Culture and school settled personnel numbering more than 1.5 thousand people, they are taking private houses of local residents,” — said Basurin.

In addition, the Ukrainian forces are shelling the territory of Donetsk airport from mortars and small arms. This was stated today by the head of the Kuibyshev district Ivan Prikhodko.

“About half an hour ago, Ukrainian security forces opened fire on the territory of Donetsk airport, firing from mortars and small arms”, — said Prikhodko.

According to him, one of the airport terminals is shelled by 120 mm mines.

The situation on the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic has very much escalated over the last day. At any moment, the Ukrainian army can again rush for a breakthrough. At the same time it is tense in LPR – Bakhmutka highway area is getting hot. The “ceasefire” is in full swing.

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