“Collateral damage” from Russian attacks? No. Western information war? Yes.


RusVesna (“Russian Spring”)

October 27, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

At a closed meeting with a parliamentary delegation of the RF, Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader al-Khalq described the information war against his country and against Russia. He said that all the reports of Russian air strikes on civilians: false.

The Prime Minister raised the issue of the false media coverage of events in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The representative of the “Russian Spring” asked the head of the SAR Government:

“Western and some Russian liberal media are spreading information that Russian planes allegedly often miss and have bombed peaceful Syrian cities. Would you comment, please, on these reports.”

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The Prime Minister of Syria:

“False. The Russian military possess precise coordination, they have spot-on data on the places in terrorist hands. No civilians were there and could not be. There is no true information about attacks on civilian targets.

“All these points that have been destroyed, have been explored first, the coordinates have been prepared, they have been watched from drones and from space.

It is strictly military targets of fighters that have been destroyed. Stories about attacks on civilians — that’s the information war, from which Syria has been enduring for many years, and now have to suffer also ofRussia too, is getting subjected to it,” said the chief of the Syrian Arab Republic.

As reported, the Russian parliamentary group arrived in Damascus for meetings with leader of the country, both civil and religious.

The group included representatives of the upper and lower houses of the Russian parliament, Senator Dmitry Sablin, deputy Sergey Gavrilov and Alexander Yushchenko, as well as the abbot Arseny (Sokolov) and representatives of the “Combat Brotherhood” – the all-Russian organization of war veterans.

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