Crimea part of Russia in hardcopy 2016 Larousse economic atlas. De facto, of course; Ukrainian Embassy insists on de jure “Correction”


RT Français
October 13, 2015
Tr from French by Tom Winter

Larousse has published its Socio-economic Atlas for 2016, and in it Crimea is designated as belonging to Russia. 

The photos were spread all over the internet immediately, and the reaction of the internauts was not long in coming. The Ukrainian Embassy published a tweet [un tweet! — Franglais — Tr.] that called the change ” a very deceiving surprise,” and demanded setting in a correction. 

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The Ukrainian Ambassador in France, Oleg Chambour, has sent an official letter to the Larousse Publishing House. 

It should be noted that in the electronic version, Crimea is part of Ukrainian territory.

Crimea became a Russian region again after the referendum that ook place in March 2014, in which about 97% of the population voted for the reattachment to Russian. Meanwhile, Kiev considers that Crimea is still part of Ukraine, considering the peninsula’s reattachment to Russia as illegal.

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