Daughter of the regiment

“Posters with her picture next to Alexei Borisovich are posted everywhere in Alchevsk”

Original title: The girl from the country of honest people


in KONT, October 27, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter, October 30, 2015

Bogdana is 9 and she is a real fighter of the Prizrak (“Ghost”) brigade named for Alexey Borisovich Mozgovoi.

She is a student of nursing, has a license, receives a salary – 1000 rubles per month. With this money, she buys notebooks, pens, rulers, and though not living a wealthy life – gives them to first-graders from needy families.

“Uncle Lesha told me that Novorossia is a country of honest people, where people need to help each other. And who does not help, when help is needed, is worse than a beast.”

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When there are no classes in school, Bogdana is in the division – at her post, making dressings, learning to handle firearms. She is one of the few that they trust to shoot the personal automatic rifle of the legendary brigade commander.

Bogdana was the best friend of Mozgovoi and after his death became the symbol of the brigade with his name. Posters with her picture next to Alexei Borisovich (he would call her on the phone, even during the fighting, joking, telling her not to worry) are posted everywhere in Alchevsk.* He would call her on the phone, even during the fighting, joking, telling her not to worry.

Some time ago, unknown persons tried to kidnap the girl, allegedly former members of the Security Service of Ukraine, of whom several were left behind in Alchevsk. So now Soldiers constantly guard Bogdana.

Every Sunday she brings fresh flowers to the grave of the Brigade Commander. “Uncle Alex loves wildflowers, he appears in my dreams and tells me what to bring. He is alive.”

Bogdana knows exactly what is hidden from the majority of us inexplicably considering ourselves intelligent adults: it is not impossible: someday we will live in a country of honest people. And she knows the most important thing: there is no death, we will live forever.


*Alchevsk? Click here.

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