DeSovietize Ukraine? Then Poland wants its pre-1939 lands back. Discussion


Original title: The echo of de-sovietization: The US gives green light to Poland for the break-up of Ukraine


October 24, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

October 25, 2015

Kiev’s frenzied de-communization and de-Sovietization entailed inevitable tragedy for the state of Ukraine, in the form in which it exists today, because the country is the pure product of what Kiev is trying to stigmatize and condemn: By declaring war on its creator, the brainchild risks ending up in ashes. These are the laws of the universe.

Confirmation of this recently arrived from Poland, at whose expense Ukraine grew westward through “Sovietization.” Polish President Andrzej Duda has urged Poles to be ready to fight for the return of the former Polish lands:

“I call on all citizens of the Republic of Poland to be ready to fight for the return of the former Polish lands, where our compatriots continue to be harassed and humiliated by the new Ukrainian leadership. If modern Ukraine condemns the acts of the Soviet Union – and it does, this state should voluntarily return the land of Poland, that belonged to it until 1939. We’re doing some work for the return of Polesie, Galicia and Volyn, and we need the support of the entire population of the Republic of Poland. Every citizen of the country must be prepared for the righteous struggle for the return of Polish territory and that is home to a huge number of ethnic Poles who need our protection,” said Andrzej Duda, speaking in the Polish Parliament.

Well-known Russian military expert, retired Russian Air Force colonel Alexander Zhilin considers that this is a consequence of the very de-Sovietization, that rages in Kiev. The processes of breaking up Ukraine are already set, according to an expert in the program “In Fact,” of News Front.

“When I read a statement by the Polish president calling for the return of the lands owned by Ukraine after 1939, I do not even know how to appreciate it. But it can be said in one word – “Right!” All that came to contradiction, the contradiction of common sense. There’s what the anti-Soviet propaganda comes to. Because it’s very stupid people that do it,” said Alexander Zhilin.

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“It is clear that Poland got instructions from the US. It is a plebe country and wouldn’t have dared to act on its own. It is clear that Ukraine is set to break. It is clear why Obama has not signed the document on supplying Ukraine with weapons. (Why, if they are going to cash it in?) It is understood that in the South-East (I say this with great regret) Americans are likely to try to provoke hostilities, to eventually tear up Ukraine. But the Polish president’s declaration is a good thing, in that a claim like that could spur Russia. We have given away so many areas: Kharkov, our Kharkov, our Nikolaev, our Odessa. All ours there. There will be a remnant for this regime. 

Therefore, the prospects are “sweet” for Ukrainians. Some of them will fall into not-quite-Europe Poland, where they will accept them. And the lucky ones – will be in Russia. I think that soon we will see just such a process in Ukraine “, – said Zhilin.

Sergey Veselovsky, hosting, in turn noted that only Russia is interested in the objective of the integrity of today’s Ukraine, as it is historically Russian land abundantly watered with the blood of their ancestors.

“We have freed it, we have defended it, millions of people perished there. Both before and during the Second World War. And here we are – the only country in the world that did not want the collapse of Ukraine. And judging by the fact that the same Polish ministers were running through the Maidan alongside Nuland and provoking the crazy, possessed westernizers in the revolution of dignity, it is possible to say that it was in planning for a long time — smart analysts have long considered, that Ukraine is woven from different ethnic and ideological groups, and it can not be unitary, if one one of these groups wins. This is what happened when the narrow Galician view captured all of Ukraine and now it’s headed toward a break-up, and even Russia, by and large, will not be able to stop the process, even though it’s trying to revive a corpse,” said 


Alexander Zhilin did not object, but added that quite probably a very serious process of redistribution of existing borders in Europe lies ahead.

“Russia is the only country in the world interested in the true independence of the (whole) of Ukraine. So that there would be a pro-Ukrainian regime without nationalism, that there would be pragmatism there, so Ukraine could work, so it would be possible for cooperation, to provide them with our vast market, etc. All of this has been destroyed. 

“But I want to observe that the Polish president isn’t using his head, because once he has says “a,” the Germans will say “b.” That is, ‘Since you’re so smart, then give us our land that the Soviet Union annexed to Poland after World War II.’ None of it is simple. So the processes are going to be like Mama, don’t cry,” said the expert.

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