“Doctors without borders” or “Spies without borders”?


October 6, 2015

Pavel Shipilin

Translated by Kristina Rus

Doctors without borders and other spies

I must say, the idea of the organization “Doctors without borders” is good. Humanism, care, kindness. Medicine. Bandages and syringes. Doctors.

And it’s true.

But there is more to it.

The lovely young students of Canadian medical schools will not be recruited as spies. In the organization “Doctors without borders” (Médecins Sans Frontières) they will honestly perform their duties. The intelligence is collected by specially trained people. 

If in Afghanistan a hospital is accidentally hit by a rocket, it is a tragedy on a global scale. People die. Among them — the medical staff, including “Doctors without borders”. The US takes the blame and promises not to do it again.

In Donbass Americans did not strike hospitals, the Ukrainians did. And not always by accident. Although, maybe accidentally, but it does not change the point. In Novosvetlovka a hole was blown up in a wall of a surgery room. However, unlike the Afghan incident, Lugansk one is not considered a tragedy.

Now Novosvetlovka hospital was repaired, and it has become even better than it was.

But there is still a shortage of doctors and medical supplies. Not to mention the low salaries of middle and senior medical staff.

So when the French international organization “Doctors without borders” a year and a half ago offered help, the locals were grateful. Its representatives were greeted almost with flowers, housed in the best conditions and were given a room for storage of medications so needed in the Lugansk People’s Republic. And, of course, supplied with transport so that nothing would prevent the people in white coats from adhering to the Hippocratic oath.

And they began to treat people. To go to villages and distribute medicines to all in need. The patients wrote thank you letters in response. It all started very well.

But in the summer in the LPR began to notice that some of the doctors without borders treated people less than their other colleagues. It became evident that some of them are trying to get close to the units of the people’s militia or the soldiers, who are recovering after injuries. Whispering something in their ears. And generally acting suspicious.

And too often go to the areas that are in the zone of contact with the enemy. Their residents have an especially hard time in terms of treatment for their ailments.

Therefore, the Ministry of State Security of Lugansk People’s Republic, where in fact I heard this story, decided to pay special attention to some members of the organization. Simply put, to spy on them. With the use of modern means of control.

I don’t know what the staff of the MGB heard in their microphones, but in the end “Doctors without borders” lost all the trust of the LPR. And they lost their accreditation.

Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of  LPR Vasily Nikitin did not go into the details of the spy scandal. He said: “We refused only those organizations that violated the rules of stay and conditions of accreditation in the Lugansk People’s Republic. This does not mean that we closed the doors to all organizations. Applications are still being accepted. We get calls, applications, which we will consider. In addition, those organisations which we refused, after three months may re-submit their application. We hope that they will consider our comments and no more problems will arise”. 

That is, no more spying, only treating, which is what the deal was in the first place.

The Donetsk People’s Republic, where “Doctors without borders” also work, already went on alert. However, accreditation was  not yet revoked there, although it is getting close to it. As for me, I hope they will quickly pull the plug on it, because the militia is hot-blooded and doesn’t like spies. God forbid it will end up in an international scandal.

I must say, this is not the first case when “Doctors without borders” are suspected of spying for the enemy. In 1999 the authorities of the former Yugoslavia accused the organization’s founder, Bernard Kouchner, not only of intelligence gathering, but also in the organization of smuggling. So nothing new happened in Donbass. It’s a tradition.

By the way, I have no doubt that in this organization, work mostly honest and good people who want to help those who are in trouble.

But I also have no doubt that “Doctors without borders” is used by the intelligence agencies for pure espionage purposes. Agree, it would be strange if they missed such a unique opportunity.

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