Eduard Limonov on the invasion of migrants to Europe

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October 5th, 2015 – 

Rusvesna – op-ed By: Eduard Limonov – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert 

Due to the Russian operation in Syria the world public opinion (at
least, those who are interested in what is going on in the world) forgot about
migrants for a week.

But these migrants have not disappeared. They are rapidly flowing as a
gloomy flood to Europe. Thousands of migrants
from Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia
wander along the rails of the Euro-tunnel to the UK. Because of these thousands
packing the tunnel, railway service was suspended today.

I remember the debates in Great Britain
at a time when the project of a tunnel under the English
Channel, was discussed. Smart people, and they are always the
minority, warned at the time that in the future the tunnel would make possible
the invasion of Britain.
Hitler failed to take our islands, and now we ourselves are provoking future

Smart people were right. Now every Eritrean who tries to light a
cigarette from the light bulb and drinks from bidet mistaking it for a creek, is
walking along the tracks to the UK.

Watching the new barbarian invasion, pink as a piglet English bobby
thinks “Oh, too many people on the planet!” And ultra-right teenager
with a shaved skull dreams of a white riot that is definitely in the making.

Everything that is happening is the result of a crazy game with human
rights played by Europe that has lost its
basic survival instincts. Therefore, woe will betide the Europeans, and they will
collapse as the Great Rome and Carthage
met their destiny.

I feel deep inside that the time of hardships and suffering has arrived.
Do you feel how it is crawling!? The carefree insouciant Europeans are still
blabbering about the economic growth, the need to improve the standards of
living, but all this is the agony. In reality, the iron [dark] age have crossed the
threshold of Europe. Mark my words, soon in
many European countries laws will be adopted restricting fertility and aimed at
the population decline.

I see the ‘Iron Age’ [dark age] of ultra-right regimes and collisions coming!

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