Erdoğan sheds light on Syria … a blue flame


“Assad, refusing the transit of Qatari gas and becoming a potential competitor in the European market, would have to be be eliminated.”

Analysis by Ronald ZONCA
in Boulevard Voltaire October 11, 2015

October 12, 2015
Translated from French by Tom Winter
In a recent statement following the Russian air raids, President Erdoğan threatened to end all gas-line cooperation with Russia , adding that Turkey might consider other sources. Since the other source is Qatar, Erdogan’s statement brings us to the real origins of the destabilization of Syria.

Syria suffers a double whammy in our world which is made up of the pillaging of the poorest. Not only has it discovered a large gas field along its coast but, in addition, its location made it the natural host for pipelines to supply Europe.

Assad, refusing the transit of Qatari gas and becoming a potential competitor in the European market, would have to be be eliminated. Physically, according to Fabius; at least politically, according to Western leaders.

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Faced with such insubordination, Messrs Sarkozy and Juppé, then president and foreign minister, were quick to show him their disenchantment. From 2012, the break was consummated, despite the previous outbursts of affection shown in those parades on the Champs Elysees.

The interests of the United States and Qatar are a priority for our diplomacy, no matter what the consequences for France and Europe. Messrs Hollande and Fabius have only walked in the footsteps of their predecessors.

The Russian intervention in Syria has caused surprise in the Western camp by its speed and efficiency. Further, it gives rise to a serious problem for the Turkish president. The progress of the Syrian army from west to east will result in movement of troops of the Islamic State. They can not go to Iran and Kurdistan because of the military power of Iran and Kurdistan. As for Iraq, its leaders are beginning to take the lead in pondering a possible Russian intervention for them, too. This doesn’t leave anybody but Turkey to host the monster created by the Westerners.

In the face of the level of barbarism and the potential damage posed by these fighters, Erdoğan’s worry is justified. This explains why he would rather have the troops of the Islamic State stay in Syria and not in Turkey. 

Consequently, there remain just two solutions for Turkey: to participate in the destruction of the Islamic state in Syria, thus violating the instructions of the USA, or let an army of terrorists wash over Europe.

Resisting the greed of the West, the Syrian president could not have imagined they would be crazy enough to create the Islamic state without measuring the consequences for the region and for Europe.

We can appreciate his leadership of the Syrian nation in different ways, but he showed respect for the job of a president in defending the wealth of his country.
Unlike our elites, Assad can not be accused of having sold his country to foreign powers.

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