Facing the Global Evil [+video]


October 8th, 2015 – 

By: Aleksander Prohanov, cont.ws – 


Translated for
Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –

The Russian air-force is carrying out pinpoint strikes
against ISIS bases in Syria. This is a military operation: refined, bold and
prudent. It is conducted by the state, which has reached a high degree of
perfection. It is Russia today.

My visits to the aircraft plants in Komsomolsk-on-Amur,
Irkutsk and Novosibirsk indicate that we are capable of producing the most
advanced aircraft in the world, including the famous, perfect Su-34, which is
dealing crushing blows to ISIS.

Over the years, the military-industrial complex has
been reformed. Today we produce the most sophisticated weapons, including
ultra-precise ones: smart bombs, surface-to-surface, air-to-air and anti-ship missiles.
Our army, by undergoing reforms, has reached a high degree of combat
capability. We are constantly learning. Our troops are always on the move. 

have achieved a very high degree of management of our armed forces. The peak of
this management is the control center at the Ministry of Defense. And when I visited
this center I was struck by the enormous circular rooms with a lot of screens,
where officers can watch online the landing, for example, of our troops on
Wrangel Island or to oversee the building of fortified districts on the Kuril
Islands, and, of course, to see these surgical strikes filmed by drones showing
the bases, headquarters and vehicles of terrorists in Syria blown into

In its development the Russian state has reached a
stage when it is able to formulate its own national interests. And by formulating
these national interests to secure them and to achieve the national objectives.
Today the Russian state is able to interpret and establish its position in this
rapidly changing world, aware of its place in this historical time. In a short period
our diplomacy has managed to accomplish almost unbelievable results.

We have built a coalition of states consisting of
Syria, Iran and Russia with China and India closely following. Our social
lives, our society, our country has reached a very high degree of

We are a state, in which all people, all religions,
all languages and all cultures are united in symphony and harmony. We open
mosques, we open temples. In Russia Muslims and Christians live in friendship
and unshakable unity.

Our country, Russia, is slowly but steadily regaining
its sublime world predestination. A destination caused by the fact that Russia,
may be, was created by God to counteract the darkness of the world. Russia has
always rushed towards the world evil. It has always counteracted this evil,
whether it was Napoleon or Hitler, or ISIS now. And I am convinced that our
victory is not far off.

There will come a time when our planes will return to
their airfields, and we will continue to build our Russian state. We want our
citizens to live in prosperity. We want our society to be just and fair. We
want to have more Nobel Prize winners. And no enemy bayonet or enemy aircraft
would ever appear on our Russian horizon.

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