FSB Leak: The Balkanization of Russia – has it begun?


October 10th, 2015 – 

By Ilia Belous – iliabelous –

Translated for Fort Russ by Inessa Sinchougova –


[In his address to PolitRussia  Belous’s position is that
by 2018, every federal region in Russia is going to need its own ‘Putin.’ Foreign
NGOs such as the National Endowment for Democracy have recently been outlawed
in Russia due to covert activities being undertaken through them. Such activities
continue however, through official US embassies.- I. Sinchougova

Some interesting details surrounding the new General Consul  to Ekaterinburg have unfolded. Russia’s Ural region has recently
received Mr. Marcus Micheli, as representative of the USA – a package deal with
his unfavourable working experience in the Ukraine. His posting to the region
does not seem to be accidental, once the details
surrounding his prior activities are brought to light.

After my original publication about the new General Consul to Ekaterinburg, a number of my astute readers recognized the name as someone
who used to be employed by the United States National
Security Council, with Ukraine as his area of specialization. His duties
included lobbying for sanctions against the Russian economy, as well as the
arrangement of funding toward Poroshenko’s army.

Let me start at the beginning.

In August 2014, two political pranksters by the names
of Vladimir Krasnov and Aleksei Stoliarov (most recently pranking Elton John in
his conversation with ‘Putin’), were involved in a covert investigation over
the imposition of Mikhail Saakashvili to the seat of Governor in Odessa,

The pranksters, implanted into
the existing administration, had asked Mr. Saakashvii to release the names of his
contacts in the US Department of State.

The pranksters, through a number of clever moves and
handshakes, managed to convince the runaway-Georgian ex-president in the
genuine nature of their discussion with him.  Mr. Saakashvilli gave the name of Senator John
McCain as his advisor.

As part of this operation, and with Saakashvili’s
exclusive contact details, Mr. Aleksei Stoliarov, posing as Mr. Arsen Avakov
(Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs and Poroshenko’s right hand man) spoke
to Mr. Marcus Micheli. This took place at the end of 2014, but it is not until
Mr. Micheli was on his way to be the General Consul to Ekaterinbrug, that the pranksters forwarded me the recording. (August 2015).

In his conversation with “Mr. Avakov”, Mr. Micheli speaks
in his role as colleague of the esteemed professor of International Relations,
Charles Kupchan (formerly at Georgetown University.) Mr. Kupchan is also Director
of European Affairs at the US National Security Council.

The National Security Council is the department
responsible for their detailed recommendations toward sanctions against the
Russian economy. Through this use of sanctions, Kupchan had personally invited
the world to isolate the Russian economy on the official Council website. He
emphasized that the situation in Ukraine will provoke internal pressure on
President Putin. The use of sanctions was, in his eyes, a suitable strategy to
weaken the Russian state.

The commentary was dated 29 August 2014, from the
office of National Security Council Press Secretary – Caitlin Hayden, just
prior to President Obama’s visit to Estonia and Wales on the 2nd and
4th September 2014. It is known that Charles Kupchan oversees the
events in Europe at large, while Micheli those in Ukraine.

Micheli is well versed with the region, his work
experience dates back to his postings to Moscow between 1992 and 1994, as well
as between 2002 and 2004. Between 1994-1996 he was located in Warsaw; 1996-1999
in Kiev; 2000-2001 in Sarajevo; 2007–2009 in Podgorica, 2009-2012 in Kishinev.

Team Kupchan is also well connected to Hillary
Clinton. Mr. Saakashvilli was quoted as saying, that these people are the more
influential of his advisors in Washington.

The conversation between prankster Stoliarov and
Kupchan’s office took place one week after Petro Poroshenko’s address in the
United States Congress.

Aleksei Stoliarov did not reach Kupchan in the office when he called,
but instead landed in the hands of his accomplice Mr. Micheli, who without a
doubt in his mind assumed Minister Avakov was on the other end. In the
conversation, Mikeli openly discussed increased funding toward the armament of
Petro Poroshenko’s army against the resistance movements in the country’s east
– the Donbass. Micheli was well positioned to speak on this topic, as it was
him who was lobbying the US State Department towards armament.

A little earlier than that, in May 2014, the US
government had provided $1 billion dollars for the initial armament of
Poroshenko’s army. The first allocation of weaponry did not go to plan – Kiev’s
army had been surrounded by the DPR militia, formerly ordinary residents of the
Donbass. They had no choice but to release much of the US funded weaponry to
the self organised militias of the Donbass region. In this way, the new wave of
mobilization required more funding. In September 2014, the Ukrainian
authorities received another $320 million dollars.

Poroshenko then, was not lying in his address in
the 70th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations,
where he said that “the war in Ukraine costs $5 million dollars a day.” With this
calculation in mind, the $1 billion should have lasted 200 days, or around 6
months. This is as accurate as clockwork, with the first batch in May 2014 and
second in November 2014.

Today, Marcus Micheli is a well-known lobbyist and an
influential person in the White House. Why is he in Ekaterinburg? While I have
no insight into the workings of the White House, I do have the following
information for us to ponder over.

Ekaterinburg is known for
being a target location of the US State Department for the preparation of a
social movement

The State
Department has been involved in Ekaterinburg for over 20 years in one way or
another – creating an active network of agents that consist of local
opposition, some of which are in the elite/ moneyed ranks.

An orchestrated
and predetermined weakening of the region’s economy seems to provide sufficient
reasoning toward the launch of an opposition movement here

Micheli has spent
his entire working career in Europe, including a stint during a colour
revolution, when he was part of the US diplomatic mission to Moldova 2009, “the
twitter revolution.”

As part of his role in the
National Council on Security, Micheli directly oversaw the allocation of funds
for Poroshenko’s army, toward the war in the Donbass. A graphically – offensive
video of fire against civilians — is available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLvqPnWTBm0

Upon his arrival in
Ekaterinbrug, it is known to me that Micheli began networking with those
individuals that I would consider to be a part of the ‘5th column.’
(Any group of people who undermine a larger group—such as a nation—from within,
usually in favor of an enemy group or nation.)

The totality of this information together leads me
to believe that the US State Department’s interest toward Russia’s regions, especially
that of the Ural region, is growing by the day.

Be vigilant, my friends.

This information has been forwarded to the FSB,
through their official channel. 


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