Hearings about the return of Scythian gold to Crimea may last years


October 30, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Hearings on the return of Scythian gold to Crimea may last years — Director of Taurida Museum

Hearings on the  return of the disputed collection of Scythian gold from the Netherlands may take years, and hope for a speedy completion of the process is fruitless, said director of the Central Museum of Taurida, Andrey Malgin.

The collection of Scythian gold, about two thousand artifacts, was taken from Crimean museums to the exhibition “Crimea: gold and secrets of the Black sea” at the Allard Pierson archaeological museum in Amsterdam in early February 2014, before Crimea reunited with Russia. Since then, the parties cannot decide where to return the artifacts.

Four Crimean Museums filed a class action lawsuit against Allard Pierson Museum, in which they demanded to fulfill contractual obligations and return the collection of Scythian gold from the Netherlands to Crimea. The district court of Amsterdam will decide on the first hearing regarding Scythian gold on November 4th.

“The start of hearings doesn’t bring any hope. It is just the beginning of the process. How long will it take to resolve this issue, no one can’t tell, it could last years,” – said Malgin. According to him, the interests of Crimean museums in Amsterdam will be represented by an international law firm. Museums are not directly engaged in the process.

Malgin emphasized that the position of Crimean museums remained unchanged — the collection of Scythian gold must return to Crimea.

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