Hillary Clinton calls to establish a no-fly zone in Syria


October 2, 2015

Pravda Video

Translated by K. Rus

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for establishing a no-fly zone in Syria “to stop the carnage on the ground and strikes from the sky, to somehow clarify the situation, to try to stop the flow of refugees”. 

Clinton also noted that “Putin is playing a very dangerous and cynical game. He definitely does everything in his power to support Assad and to consolidate the Russian presence in Syria and the Middle East”.

Dmitry Labin, Professor of international law at MGIMO: “A no-fly zone may be introduced when taking into account the position of the legitimate authorities, the government of Syria at the moment. And what’s more, Russian operation is conducted at the request of a sovereign state, i.e. the government of Syria, and these operations represent assistance to another state. That is, I don’t see no violation of Security Council resolutions or international law in general”.

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