How long will the Russian operation last in Syria? Russian expert explains.

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October 1, 2015

Rossijskaya Gazeta

Translated by Kristina Rus

Experts predict success of air raids in Syria 

Ivan Petrov

The military reported the first success of the “Syrian” operation – air strikes destroyed a number of important objects of the so-called Islamic state. The bombardment continues, but Russian soldiers will not take part in ground operations, assured at a specially convened briefing, the official representative of the Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov.

Nevertheless, experts believe just a well thought out air operation,is enough to achieve significant results.. The President of the Institute of Middle East, Yevgeny Satanovsky believes that Russia has a hundred percent chance of success in the fight against this terrorist group. His optimism is based on Moscow setting and executing specific tasks instead of focusing on public relations and advertising.

The expert believes that Russia has all the chances of success in the fight against this terrorist group.

“We need to set reasonable and achievable tasks, then they will be achieved. So, I’m sure, in Syria, Russian troops will accomplish all the tasks, after which the operation will be folded or transferred into another format,” – said the expert. Evgeny Satanovsky notes that the coalition led by the United States, in reality, did not aim to combat the Islamists. “Qatar was just supporting the Islamic state, Saudi Arabia has cooperated with Al Qaeda, – said the expert.

With regard to possible length of “the Syrian” operation, the military naturally do not talk about it. A member of the public council under the Ministry of Defense of Russia Igor Korotchenko, in turn, believes that to completely destroy the military infrastructure of the Islamic state and help the Syrian troops to regain control over territories is possible in 3-6 months. According to the military expert, the existing Russian aircraft group deployed in Syria is self-sufficient: the reserve of bombs, missiles and fuel, located in Tartus and Latakia, guarantees its success. Korotchenko stressed that the command center in Baghdad, which is the center of exchange of information between security agencies of Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran, is the effective headquarters of the “core” of the coalition. “Our infantry is not needed there, because the Syrians are totally efficient – they are at war with ISIS for 4 years and control a third of the territory, where almost all civilians are. Damascus only needed our aviation and intelligence,” – said the expert.

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