How to steal a billion in Ukraine

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October 6th, 2015 – 

Andrey Svetlako –  –

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

Watch the hands… the thimble riggers from Ukrainian governments
disburse the European loans. Today it is a loan for the reconstruction of
Donbass. . How much does Ukraine need for this? . In July Yatsenyuk decided
that we need 8 billion hryvnias for everything. . The Rada then in July allocated
2 billion of hryvnas somewhere, not realizing that what’s lost is lost. . It
seems you now need a total of 6 billion hryvnas? You are unfamiliar with thimble
rigger arithmetic! The more you steal , the more you need! . In September the Minister
of MIU (Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine) Pivovarsky averaged 20 billion
UAH (1 billion dollars) – there, for the reconstruction… Appetite whetted?
Ha! You haven’t seen the sharks of the thimble rigger business! . The Finance
Minister Shlapak immediately converted it to USD 2 billion – for the same
purposes (40 billion hryvnas). . Alas! Europe gave only 1.35 billion hryvnia
(50 mln Eu) for the reconstruction of the transport infrastructure of Donbass .
Well, I guess at least something will be restored? At least a little bit. At
least one bridge or a couple of miles of the road. . No, no and no again! All
is very “honest”, as is the case with thimble riggers…


Minister Shlapak: “…
a Clear plan on which we will act in the near future in issues of restoration
of activity in the respective territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions
liberated from terrorists. It provides for the definition of destruction, the
implementation of surveys of damaged buildings, and the formation of sources of
financing. All these questions we must determine by the end of this year.”


Did you notice? Not to restore, and define scale of
destruction, not to do the survey, not to form the sources… can this really
be so? . Alas… that’s it. If you don’t understand then I’ll make easier for

. . Minister Pivovarsky: “Now we can’t do anything. We can only plan and prepare…”
And for all of that the thimble riggers will charge 1.35 billion hryvnias. .They
would’ve taken more if the Rada gave more. They don’t pay for this loan.


PS .

Oh! Deputy Minister Snitko promised the Germans that
he will buy 2 power plants and will fix Soviet ear 2TE116 locomotives to take
the remaining goods away from the Donbass (“…the
restoration of the railway tracks will allow to withdraw the rolling stock and
take the goods out of the region…). . Snitko doesn’t listen to his boss. He
clearly said, “do Nothing!”. However, to withdraw is not to restore
It is the other way around…

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