Hysteria continues: star Kiev propagandist denounced as Russian agent


October 22, 2015 – 

Vladimir Raichenko, PolitNavigator – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

“Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk’s main propagandist turns out to be an agent of Putin”

Ukrainian media continues to identify Russian agents allegedly entrenched in the Ukrainian government.

Thus, the Ukrainian source Elise.com.ua, which positions itself as a social-political forum of Ukraine, accused Dmitry Tymchuk, leader of the group “Information Resistance” and Verkhovna Rada deputy from Yatsenyuk’s “People’s Front” list, of working for Moscow in his propagandistic reports from the ATO zone which have been nicknamed “No Losses.” 

Here we offer for our readers the full version of the revelatory material published by the Ukrainian website:

“BREAKING: Dmitry Tymchuk is a traitor to Ukraine. He’s on the hook of the FSB!

The national security of Ukraine is under threat. It’s scary to imagine how many of our politicians and security structure officers can hang on the hook of the Russian special services and how many compromising gigabytes [of information] lie somewhere on Lubyanka or Grizodubovoy street (the headquarters of the GRU). These are mines laid by the enemy under the defense ability of Ukraine. They can detonate at the most critical moment for the country, but they can also be conserved for years. The task of Ukrainian society is to identify such people who influence processes in our the country. And we need to start from the top. 

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It’s not necessary to go far for examples. Let’s take the Committee on National Security and Defense of the Verkhovna Rada and Dmitry Tymchuk, a member of this very committee. Since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine, Tymchuk has occupied a niche as an expert on information resistance. His posts and articles were read by thousands of Ukrainians. Even the information is presented concisely, and, at a first, objective glance, it appears to be first hand information. Riding this wave, Dmitry became a people’s deputy of Ukraine, the thirteenth on the “People’s Front” list. Well, naturally, he was entrusted as a member of one of the most important committees of our time – the Committee on National Defense and Security led by the renowned Sergey Pashinsky. 

It’s possible to write a separate article about this man, and not only one, but today the matter at hand is Tymchuk. And so, this hero of information resistance is an expert on defense, NATO, army reforms, the main editor of the internet project “Fleet 2017”, and leader of the NGO “Center for Military-Political Studies.” This person worked in the headquarters of the National Guard until 2000 and in various positions in the Ministry of Defense until 2012. The biography of the people’s deputy is publicly available. This expert more than once wrote articles about cooperation with NATO, Eurointegration, and the foundations of reforming the armed forces. Unfortunately, there’s a second side of the coin.

Apparently, Dmitry wasn’t totally sure about the European choice of Ukraine. Therefore, parallel with public speaking about the Western vector, under the pseudonym Boris Takayev he wrote for pro-Russian projects of an entirely different orientation. A complete list of Boris Takayev’s (Dmitry Tymchuk’s) articles can be found at this link: “Ukraine-NATO: An invitation to massacre,” “The Association Agreement: a strike at the economy of Ukraine,” “The Ukrainian path to the East and the ‘moment of truth’ for the EU”, “Ukraine-NATO: ‘friendship’ at one gate,” “How NATO is disarming Ukraine,” “Where does Yatsenyuk’s Tigipkophobia come from?” and many others. “One Homeland” (the site linked above) positions itself as an informational-analytical publication, and the collective of authors consists of such well-known “vatniki” as Elena Bondarenko, Miroslav Berdnik, Vadim Kolesnichenko, and Petr Simonenko. In addition, Boris Takayev was listed as an expert on military politics, the development of the UAF, and regional security from the NGO “Center for Military-Political Studies,” which was headed by Tymchuk. Dmitry Tymchuk was also among the editors of the “Fleet 2017” publication. 

Three independent sources immediately confirm that no such Boris Takayev exists, and that this alias of the people’s deputy of Ukraine and member of the Committee on Defense and Security was used for broadcasting anti-Ukrainian, anti-NATO, and anti-European positions, and for simply spreading “vatnik” ideas and thoughts. Having become a deputy, Dmitry tried to clean himself up. His acclaimed article “Why do the Ukrainian oligarchs need Eurointegration?” disappeared from the website “One Homeland.”

So it turns out that if Ukraine knows about the alter ego of Tymchuk, then he should be well known in Russia. The people who inspired Boris-Dmitry to write such materials might keep some correspondence and, it’s possible, some kind of financial documents. If we assume that Boris Takayev is not the same person as Tymchuk (but we know that it is), then the dispute is very simple to solve. It’s sufficient enough to show the public that this pro-Russian “expert” worked side by side with Dmitry for more than a year. 

But it is known in advance that no such person exists. History knows only one real such Takayev – an illiterate Kalmyk of the Red Army who died in Shiroklag from tuberculosis in 1944. The preparation and publication of explicitly anti-Ukrainian materials by Dmitry Borisovich Tymchuk is not only outrageous from an ethical point of view, but also creates a clear and direct threat to the interests of Ukraine. Such people make decisions on matters of national security and defense, influence other politicians, and have access to classified information. Defense, of course, doesn’t get any stronger from this.”

From the editors of “PolitNavigator”:

We don’t know if there really is information that Tymchuk and Takayev are one person, and we especially cannot speak to his work for these or those special services. It is more likely that we are dealing with the fact that banal political repainting has become quite common at the present political moment in the modern history of Ukraine. We will only add that the articles by Boris Takaev, as noted earlier according to the author of these revelations, bear an anti-Ukrainian and pro-Russian character and he is still listed among the experts of the Center for Military-Political Studies led by Dmitry Tymchuk. 

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