Jihad reforms of the Syrian ‘opposition’


October 6, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Anton Khashenko: “The Holy warriors of Syria” have been blessed for Jihad against Russia

The spiritual leaders of Saudi Arabia called on the countries of the Muslim world to provide “moral, material, political and military support for the Holy warriors of Syria.” I would like to understand who they specifically mean.

Let’s see what this means. When the US and its allies themselves carried out military operations against ISIL, the spiritual leaders of Saudi Arabia were silent!

But as soon as Russia started a real fight against this terrorist organization, all of a sudden more than fifty Saudi religious figures (many of which, by the way, are in opposition even to the authorities of their own country) called upon Arab States to support the Jihad against the Syrian authorities, and the presence of Russia and Iran.

I am trying to understand, whether it is Washington that fought against ISIL so well, that it did not present any threat to it, or does Russia’s part so radically change the balance of power in the region that there is an urgent need for such radical appeals. Though most likely it’s also something else.

And here is what is remarkable. Given the fact that in their appeal some of the spiritual leaders of the Saudi Arabia urged the countries of the Muslim world to provide “moral, material, political and military support to the Holy warriors of Syria,” I would like to understand who specifically are they referring to in this phrase.

If ISIL and others like them, it is direct evidence that Russia is striking the right guys.

If they mean those who the US calls “the moderate Syrian opposition”, then does anyone know where you can get acquainted with the program of democratic reforms after a hypothetical victory of Jihad and the coming of the “Holy warriors of Syria” to power (read – after the overthrow of the secular Assad)?

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