Kiev’s Majdan was a Response to Russia’s Annexation of Crimea


October 8th, 2015 – 

Dmitry Skvortsov – – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear –

[ Editor’s note JF: While the title is meant to gain initial interest, the piece itself puts forward an absolutely sound and prescient analysis of the information war and how history and reality are re-written, creating a simulacrum and ‘new reality’ quite at odds with the original events as they actually occurred. – .ed

Don’t believe it? It won’t
be long. 

The head of the
European Council Donald Tusk stated that the refugees can be used as a weapon
of hybrid warfare against Europe. For Europeans, a refugee is a person and personality
but we should not forget that they are a tool of pressure on neighboring
countries, said Tusk. 

Europe certainly supports the war on terror but if Bashar
Assad stays in power, three million refugees will arrive to the EU, said Tusk.
So you need to watch the struggle of Russia with ISIS and of course Russia’s
support for the efforts of Assad to destroy the Syrian opposition said Tusk.
…This loud and clear speech shows that the hybrid war is already underway in the
minds of Europeans. 

In short – their elites are doing complex “surgical transformation”
of European brains. The goal is to make Europeans think that Russian airstrikes
which began a week ago caused waves of refugees coming from the beginning of
the year. This is why the European “Tusks” use double standards. 

It’s not
idiocy – it’s intentionally enabled “fog of war” option. Two hours
will pass and no one in the audience can’t really remember what exactly the European
official said. You will only have the warm fuzzy feeling that he warned us against
evil. I think the point is that all refugees are caused by the Russians. 

The “mega-story”
that ISIS is actually the Russian project also serving this purpose. Russia is
now being installed retroactively in all of the Syrian-Iraqi history. The last
time I have seen it in the “return of the Jedi”, where Lucas included
the good Ghost of the young Darth Vader in the remastering – filmed a
quarter-century later with the actor, Christensen. 

Well, nothing is impossible. About two years
will pass, and we will find out that Maidan in Kiev was a response to Russian “aggression”
in Crimea, the invasion of Saakashvili in Ossetia – was a gesture of despair in
response to Russian tanks in Gori and Zugdidi, and frightened the Germans
brought Hitler to power in order to protect themselves from the Red Army which
“raped” Berlin and the Reichstag. 

…In a hundred years, when the survivors of
the humans will live peacefully and build photonic starships on transuranic
planets – historians in the textbooks will describe our historical period:
“many wars have occurred. It is not possible to know the truth –
contemporaries didn’t know it ever either. The confirmation of the latter is a
huge number of t-shirts with the words “Everybody lies””.

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