Laurent Fabius, Maitre D in the foreign ministry


Ronald ZONCA

In Boulevard Voltaire, October 28, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter, October 29, 2015

Translator note: Last week a conference on Syria was held in Vienna on Russia’s initiative, with representation from Russia, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Paris was not invited! Faute de mieux, Mr Fabius invited some friends over… 

Laurent Fabius has just reinvented the art of diplomacy. Done with the discrete conversations, gone is the time of the old éminences grises, no more going about quietly behind the scenes on tippy-toe. On the night of October 27, by transforming the Quai d’Orsay into a mess hall for friends of the Islamic State, he has brought to light the countries supporting the barbarian hordes.

The absence of Syria and Iraq clearly shows that they are considered negligible. Their territories are just a playing field for the bloody game of geopolitical interests of the one, or the greed of others. Their populations are dismissed in the ranks of collateral damage, whose misfortunes feed propaganda to justify every outrage to their sovereignty.

We have gathered for a “dinner” between friends and not a summit, representatives of Western interests and good oriental autocrats.

Operations carried out by Russia and the Syrian army are trying to break their barbaric tool. It is therefore urgent for them to determine the fate of the criminals they have generated, and especially not to lose face.

According to Syrian General Ali Ayyub, Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia have airlifted 500 Islamists into Yemen. This illuminates both their desire to recycle these barbarians and the connections between the conflicts in the Middle East.

Qatar laments the loss of its investments in the horror, to build a pipeline to Turkey in order to provide Europe.*

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Saudi Arabia is mired in the conflict in Yemen that it has initiated to reduce the influence of Iran to meet US geopolitical ambitions.

Turkey does not want to be the refuge for Islamists and sees the Kurdish problem reappear.

The US is seeing these fighters arrive in Afghanistan where they are already struggling to pull out.

But, you may say, “and France, where does France fit in all this?” France, she is the wait staff and the kitchen help, passing out the plates, hoping to be fairly rewarded by some contracts “of the century.”

Our foreign minister has dreams of being the new Talleyrand, but closes out his passage in the Quai d’Orsay as potluck organizer. Given his pitiful achievements, it is time to put him out of harm’s way. Nowadays this means promoting him. The Constitutional Council appears to be the ideal place for his naps.

Having overstepped both Constitution and Syrian sovereignty by intervening militarily, he will have to ender his opinion on the constitutionality of French laws.

This promotion of a hardened Europeanist that, through the European Union, tramples on the constitutions of member states, portends dark days for the French people and its sovereignty.

We can be confident that the any texts coming out of the European Commission will be systematically transformed into the law of France, proclaimed consistent with our Constitution by our former Maitre D.

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