Littlehirosima: Water for Pervomaysk, part II


Original by Yevdokia “Dunya” Sheremetyeva published on the littlehirosima blog; translated from Russian by J.Hawk and originally posted at South Front. October 14th, 2015

Look at my hands.
Follow them closely.
Unbelievable trick…
You are looking at the Great and Mighty Wizard of OZ!!!

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After the post about collection of money to supply of water
to Pervomaysk, two weeks ago, people started donating literally five
minutes after publication.
They sent from all over Russia–a thousand rubles, three hundred rubles apiece.
They sent money from the US, England, Italy.
So we collected the 50,000 rub (about $1000 – ed.) very quickly. That’s the money for a new pump to
supply water to Pervomaysk. UAF shelling [deliberately] destroyed the city’s water supply facilities back in May, and the city has been without water ever
I immediately wrote to Olya Ishchenko and the guys there, and transferred the money. And they sent me a photo with Olya and the pump – they were able to buy it and already installed it!
We did it!
What is more, even after I sent money to Olya, people continued to donate. Which I will also pass on.
They will either purchase another pump or spend it on drilling, which is
also important. And also more expensive. This is assistance is of unimaginable value for the city.
Can you imagine???
I think we can take on the whole world!!
Money defeats evil!
We’re dancing!
Join us!

If you want contribute to humanitarian assistance to the people of the Donbass, contact me in person through my livejournal account, through Facebook, PayPal, or via email: [email protected]

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