Main risk of blowing in the US wind: the destiny of a dead leaf


blowing in an American wind..

The leaders of the Eastern European countries should realize that they are viewed by the US as a playground for geopolitical ambitions.
Ronald ZONCA

in Boulevard Voltaire

October 19, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

The European heads of state since the last Council have condemned the Russian intervention in Syria, specifying that there can be no political solution while Bashar al-Assad stays in power.

Further, to assuage their conscience, they made appeal to the UN, that grand guardian of human rights.

There is a name for intending to overthrow a ruler, for whatever reasons; it’s called “coup d’etat.” Nothing more, nothing less. Thanks to our American friends who have practiced it repeatedly since the Second World War, it would seem that this manner of interference in the internal affairs of another country is practically inscribed in the UN Charter.

The UN has thus gotten to be the embryo of a planetary government where the heads of state are only viewed as simple regional administrators whose world-boss is the president of the United States.

The Charter, with its Human Rights and pretty principles is nothing but a hanky that one waves to amuse the credulous, the while the other hand wields the stick.

Serving as the spokesman of the US in the Council of Europe, the heads of state push us to confrontation with Russia, a direction that could make us slip to something worse.

Luckily Russian diplomacy possesses an art of negotiation, and this to the point that the US has refused to receive a delegation led by the Russian prime minister, for fear, no doubt, of having to yield to their arguments.

It’s not that Europe is torn by conflicting feelings. The United States is also beginning to realize that, given the number and size of the problems they have created in the world, they no longer control anything and need Russia.

The leaders of the Eastern European countries should realize that they are viewed by the US as a playground for geopolitical ambitions. The countries of Eastern Europe, thanks to their submission to the United States, have become mere candidates for vitrification while in Miami they’ll just be sipping their cocktail.

Respectful of the rights of peoples, we can only observe the decisions of Heads of State of other countries, and try to influence their decisions. But as French, it is our duty to lead our own leaders to reason, and if reason is not where they will go, to withdraw their mandates. Before trying to please other nations, it should be a matter of consulting the interests of France and the French, otherwise it’s a forfeit, opening the door to all the excesses in the country.

Mr. Holland, tell Laurent Fabius to stop confusing a pug with a bear.

Mr. Holland, for your being a feather in the American wind, you are driving us to the nuclear winter.

Gustave Thibon said that being in the wind is to have the ambition of a dead leaf.

Mr. Holland, come the bad wind, like a dead leaf, you will have the same destiny, you will exit in the smoke.

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