Mitropolit of Montenegro: NATO is a terrorist organization


October 26, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Montenegro should not be one of the bolts in the terrorist organization called NATO, quoted the words of Mitropolit of Montenegro local media.

Mitropolit Amfilohije also said that Montenegro represents his ancestors, and he does not recognize today’s Montenegro. In addition, Mitropolit stressed that Montenegro is no longer a country of healthy and sane Montenegrians. According to him, some of the citizens of Montenegro are no longer part of those who have been created in God’s image.

“We stand for real Montenegro, for freedom from sin, satanic forces and death” – said Mitropolit Amfilohije.

Mitropolit noted that this is what Montenegrians lived and sacrificed for centuries. According to Mitropolit Amfilohije, Montenegrians must despise all tyranny.

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