NATO Members to increase troops on Russia’s border [+video]

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October 30th, 2015 –

Fort Russ – PressTV – 

Flores gives a summary of NATO’s bizarre statements and ‘planned’ moves in Eastern Europe. Experts have long wondered whether the US Empire would go out with a boom or with a whimper, but few were able to foresee that it would go out with a series of strange and incoherent ‘moves’ that serve no real geostrategic purpose. 

The US led NATO coalition would have to invoke Article 5 in order to compel NATO members to act under the general US command of NATO, says Flores. But without German and perhaps French support, NATO is not only incapable of achieving a military success under the present paradigm which favors defense over offence, but its threats do not even work: no one is scared or moved by them, and so they do not serve any real geopolitical purpose. 

Flores proposes that US military doctrine is outdated, and its equipment was designed and built under highly corrupt conditions. Present hardware favors anti-air over air-force, which tends to favor defensive positions over offensive ones. Generally this tends to favor self-determination of peoples an and nations against imperial powers relying on old doctrines of air superiority.

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