New low for CNN: justifying Chechen terrorist attacks in Russia

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Above: Beslan, 2004

October 21, 2015

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Translated by Kristina Rus 

Successful actions of the Russian forces in Syria against prohibited in Russia terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS) annoy the Western media. But recently American broadcaster CNN hit a new low: it has gone so far, that has produced a story with unprecedented concentration of lies. Its authors in impotent rage found nothing better than to say that the consequences of the special operation in Syria will be the arrival of ISIS militants in our country conducting terrorist attacks.

The American journalists claim that it will be exactly the same as when the Chechen militants staged attacks in Beslan and Moscow in the 2000s, because of the supposed actions of the Russian troops in Chechnya. The Chechen terrorists are referred to as “rebels” in the report and CNN indiscriminately called Moscow “the culprit of the tragic events”.

“Russia plunged into war in Syria. However, the Kremlin is concerned about the possible consequences: a strike on Russia – the revenge of the militants,” – said in his report on the American TV channel correspondent Matthew Chance.

But this passage is perhaps the most innocent. Further, the authors unleash a flamethrower of propaganda – and they are absolutely shameless. Throwing in some info, they serve it as fact and do not care about supporting it with evidence.

“The seizure of the Moscow theater in 2002, when Chechen rebels held hostage the entire auditorium. Russian special forces used a mysterious deadly gas, killing 130 of the hostages”, – reports Chance, as if forgetting that those whom he calls rebels planned to kill more than 900 civilians, including children. But that was not enough for CNN, and they continued to pour a tub with insinuations on the viewers.

“In 2004, in Beslan more than 330 people were killed, including 186 children, taken hostage on the first day of the school year. The brutal military campaign of Moscow in Chechnya, where the majority of the population professes Islam, and other troubled regions of the South of Russia has led to a series of terrible events,” – says an American journalist.

He seems to forget that the Chechen terrorists tortured Beslan schoolchildren, their parents and teachers, did not give them water and food for days, killing the hostages. Not only CNN had the nerve to insinuate that Russia is guilty of the deaths of its own citizens due to its policy in Chechnya, and in the end to justify inhuman acts of the Chechen terrorists, their ruthlessness and the massacre.

American media no longer hesitate: the stakes are too high, and in a pathetic attempt to justify the failure of their authorities in the fight against international terrorism, they speculate on human tragedies.

Kristina Rus: Why don’t CNN ask who financed those Chechen terrorists?

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