Odessa eyewitness with camera, May 2, part 2

Woman “rescued” from House of Trade Unions, hit with first of two Molotov cocktails. See below…

October 19, 2015

Part one is here. 
Russian translated by Tom Winter
October 21, 2015

Kulikov Square.  In one of the reports I saw a photo where they took this man with the caption, something like “They detained a separatist, turned him over to police.”

What about police? Our “brave” police appeared on Kulikov Square only when almost everything was finished. And here it is. So I understand, the moment of transition. By the way, the guy in striped pants and a red sports jacket, apparently with the bullet-proof vest under it, know who it is? That’s right, Mykola Dotsenko.

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And here, a peaceful demonstrator with a peaceful rifle

Shooting into the House of Trade Unions. Picture unfortunately does not include two shooters using pistols. They were to the left of these two.

The fire

Chernoivanenko couple

How they rescued from the House of Trade Unions. A woman stands on the ledge at right.
They throw a Molotov cocktail from below. Molotov cocktail. The bottle hits the woman squarely, the fabric plug separates as it spills out the gasoline on the woman’s head. Guess what they are yelling at this point. “Rescue”? Right – “Glory to Ukraine”, “Odessa.” Screams of joy.

“Glory to Ukraine”

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