Photos: Putin Universe Art Exhibition


October 8th, 2015 – 

Varjag-2007 – Translated for Fort
Russ by Soviet Bear – 

In honor of the
birthday of Vladimir Putin (October 7) on October 6 and 7 the exhibition
“Putin Universe took place in London and Moscow.”. 


Artists from
around the world presented the Russian leader as a hero of different countries,
nationalities and eras. The initiator and organizer of the exhibition was the
largest international fan club of the Russian President – “a Group of
supporters of Vladimir Putin”. 


The organizer of the exhibition in Moscow
was a Serbian political analyst Milos Kojic, and in London – Englishman Lee
West, who made a proposal to expand the project geographically and to make it

The concept of the exhibition, the organizers explain: “the
Image of Russian President embodies heroism, justice, cunning, wit, courage,
charm — qualities that are easily recognized and are welcomed in most countries
and cultures.” 

Kojic also noted that “Putin is the recognized global
leader, an international symbol of victory and success.” “His image has long crossed the
borders of Russia, in some way becoming part of the culture of many
countries”, – said the organizer of the exhibition.


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