Polish rap group “Basti”: “A Ukrainian will never be my friend!”


October 1st, 2015 – 

Cont.ws – Translated by Paul Siebert

“While I am Pole, any Ukrainian
won’t be my friend… 

Also it’s impossible to forget everything that Banderovites made to us! 

They marauded, mocked, scoffed and
killed girls, small children… 

pinned them on bayonets. Also it’s hard to
believe that the person can make it! 

What kind of nation is this?!. 

Today they
want to be our neighbors,but then they wanted to be our enemies. 

politicians… walk over innocently murdered Poles, support descendants of our

Close your eyes, imagine for you a little girl who is being raped
on her father’s eyes 

and how children fitted on the fence to die. 

The killed mother falls on my eyes. Imagining all this are you still solidarity with Ukranians?”

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