Poroshenko regime created black lists of undesirable journalists


October 1, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Poroshenko regime created black lists of journalists, who are jailed or pressed

Poroshenko’s regime created a black list of journalists — reporters who because of their critical position towards the authorities are called in for questioning or jailed, said former MP Olena Bondarenko on Chanel 17, reports Politnavigator.

“Sanction list of 378 people, even Ukrainian citizens – Alyona Berezovskaya, Elena Blokha are those people who dared to speak the truth.

Buzina is killed, the journalists from Odessa and Buzila and Didenko are in prison for their beliefs. Odessa-born, Yuri Tkachev is endlessly called in for questioning, Kharkov bloggers sit in prison without a trial…

Shuster is the man who did much to incite hatred in Ukraine, and paid for his behavior exactly from those whom he defended” — Bondarenko listed reporters undesirable to the authorities.

She forgot to remember about those fifteen hundred journalists, political analysts, activists who have been tortured on Maidan, such as Sergey Rulev, who were put on “black lists” “Without censorship”, and who, after threats, including physical violence against their children, as in the case of Rostislav Ishchenko and Maxim Ravreba, were forced to flee from Ukraine…

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