Prostitutes welcome UAF soldiers: “Glory to Ukraine”.


October 14th, 2015 – 

By: Ekatirina, –  

Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –

 Prostitutes welcome UAF soldiers with a slogan “Glory to Ukraine”. In response they shout: “Glory to Heroes”.

situation is ridiculous as prostitution in Ukraine is becoming a prestigious
profession with prostitutes upheld as national heroines who support and serve
the soldiers of the Ukrainian Army in the ATO area.

war has affected the work of night birds even away from the front line – writes
one Ukrainian magazine. — Our heroine, a 35-year-old resident of
Dnipropetrovsk, has never been in the ATO area and is not planning to go there.
She sells her services in her hometown. However, she is also related to the war”.

magazine tells us that in the morning she takes her children to school. During
the day she visits wounded soldiers as a volunteer in one of the city’s
hospitals. And in the evening she starts to serve customers.

love the military. I always take orders from our servicemen and meet them with
the words “Glory to Ukraine!”, — the prostitute tells about
the peculiarities of her trade. — They smile back at me and shout: “Glory to
Heroes!”. My man is also a soldier, who is now fighting in Donbass. I do
not want to talk about him: obviously, we have different views about my
profession, but I’m waiting for him to come back, and this is what really

to her, “in prostitution, as in war, the main thing is not to lose one’s
face: not to step over one’s moral principles, to show a customer that you can
not be humiliated”. The prostitute also argues that it is necessary to
adhere to the classic rules — not to kiss a client even for a million and not to have
sex without a condom”.

a time like this there is no difference what you are: a prostitute, a soldier, a
journalist or office plankton, — sums up the heroine. — The main thing is to save
one’s face in any situation and always remember your homeland and your kin”.

It would
hardly be a surprise if Poroshenko would soon begin to give medals to them for
their support of the army’s morale, because the Ukrainian army has none left.

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