Putin, Syria, and the democratic principle


“…the presidency of a state must issue from the ballot and not be the prize for being stronger, more violent, or even more barbaric.” 

Ronald ZONCA
in Boulevard Voltaire
October 22, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

For three weeks, Russia has intervened with its aviation in Syria. In the face of the effective air strikes, Western leaders are expatiating with official lies on a jeremiad theme bewailing the destruction of their barbaric creatures.

Recall that Assad was legitimately elected by Syrian citizens. As for the hardness of the repression of the opposition at the time, this was an evil to counter a much greater evil. You only need a look at the barbaric fanatics who now work openly and who have plunged Syria into civil war to understand the attitude of the Syrian president.

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Those who advance democratic principles to interfere in the internal affairs of a country should do so only to ensure that all citizens can vote in safety, and to observe the regularity of elections. But instead, the Western leaders have replaced Syrian campaign posters with Kalashnikovs. Rather than condemn the violent actions of the Syrian opposition to help ease tensions, they radicalized and armed it. Then, seeing that the escalation in violence was not enough, they deliberately created terrorist groups. 

It is true that the ashes of the Iraqi state were a breeding ground for exploiting resentment and pushing the people they put in misery into fanaticism.

The UN, though supposedly the guardian of democratic principles, looked the other way when Western leaders put their personal interests and those of their corporations before the principles they are supposed to defend. In the absence of any proper reaction from this perverted organization, Russia has entered in its place. Russia has come in at his side based on the democratic principle, and the fact that Assad is the legitimate president of Syria.

The first thing to do in Syria is to return to the ballots. We must root out all tendencies for the use of force, and this either by consent or by elimination. The roadmap that Russia proposes is in compliance equally with international law, so often flouted, and with the democratic principles that they wanted buried in Syria.

Western leaders who vilify the Russian president’s decision only do so by a Pavlovian russophobic reflex that has gotten fossilized from the Soviet period. In a cruel irony, it is they who remain frozen in a posture of anathema that would not have displeased the Soviet Central Committee of those days.

Contrary to what Western leaders think as they arm terrorists and fuel the violence and the barbarism, the presidency of a state must issue from the ballot and not be the prize for being stronger, more violent, or even more barbaric. The attachment of the Russian leadership for applying democratic principles in the world comes, no doubt, from the fact that Russia had long been deprived of them.

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