Reunification of Donbass with Russia is beginning in the skies over Syria – Marmazov

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October 2, 2015

October 4, 2015
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter
Donbass is not abandoned by Russia. The situation is, of course, is seriously delayed, but the integration with Russia remains on the agenda. This was announced on the air IC News Front by well-known Donetsk journalist, former press attache of FC “Miner,” Ruslan Marmazov. Having established in Syria that it must be reckoned with, Russia establishes that it must be reckoned with where it suits, including Ukraine, he explained.

“It’s what we all want, in the Donetsk and Lugansk, and everywhere in the Donbass, and what we are very much hoping for, and what we very much believe is that it will all work out for us as it did for Crimea. We really rely on this.

Obviously, I realize that something has gone wrong. Once this situation has been put off, and it’s unclear for how long. But being here in Russia, in Moscow, dealing with various interested people, with diplomats and public figures, and journalists, I understand that the Donbass, of course, has not been discarded.

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Moreover, I absolutely can see very clearly the way of integration of Donbass with Russia, a gradual integration of Donbass into Russia. Yes, I had to go a long way. And as we now understand it – a very long way. The reunification of Donbass with Russia apparently begins with the fighting in Syria.

As it happens, today it’s such a global and complex world. Yes, Russia has been forced to act. The operation in Syria is exactly the time of Russia asserting itself as a great power and global player of the first category, the highest category. And I think Russia, establishing that it has to be reckoned with in Syria, establishes that it has to be reckoned with where it chooses. Including Ukraine, where it chooses,” said Ruslan Marmazov.

Russia did not act regarding Ukraine as with ISIL out of respect for family ties. My brother is my brother, even if he was crazy.

“Why aren’t they bombing Ukraine? As far as I’m concerned, I put it like this: It’s like we wouldn’t speak and chatter about the people we consider fraternal, same way. It’s still a family, no matter what. Well, imagine two brothers, and one of them went out of his mind. There are nightmare stories like that. The younger brother has gone mad. What does the elder brother do? Kill him? No, he’s trying to take care of him, and even feed him (here I am talking about all sorts of discounts on heating fuel and the like). 

Feed and treat. If he sees that his brother is running around the apartment with an ax after the kids and the household, then he should wrap him in a straitjacket. Well, short of the straitjacket, probably drugs, pills and injections,” said Marmazov.

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