Russia Bombed Nato Pride [+video]


October 19th, 2015 – 

Fort Russ – PolitRussia – 

video and text translation by Soviet Bear –

The military operation in Syria for the Russian
Armed forces was an opportunity not only to test their skills in practice and to
show the force of arms of the Russian Federation in action, but also to teach n
our Western partners a lesson

As for the skill test,
the results of the first week of the operation speak for themselves. On October
7, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the President, noting the
achievement of significant results. From September 30 to October 7, the Russian
Aerospace forces destroyed 19 command posts, 12 ammunition depots, 71 armored
vehicles, 6 factories and workshops for the manufacture of explosives and
improvised explosive devices.

Very impressive,
compared it to the effectiveness of the U.S. army  and their allies action against ISIS
(according to unconfirmed reports, over 7,000 sorties, killing on average 0.4 man
for each sortie).

If we talk about
military operation in Syria as “the next” demonstration of arms,
which would help us to conclude a couple of new contracts for the supply of
weapons, it is worth noting that initially the prospects were poor. The fact
that initially we used the old but proven aircraft and helicopters in the
Syrian operation. Such as:

Squadron (12 pieces)
front bombers su-24;

Squadron (12 pieces)
of su-25;

6 Su-34
multifunctional fighter-bombers (the only new bomber);

4 Su-30SM heavy
multi-purpose fighters;

12 Mi-24 attack

12 Mi-17 helicopters.

Among them the most
interesting for buyers could be the Su-30SM and Su-34, since they are currently
the most modern. However, the export data of the aircraft is still not widely
established. A few new the Su-30SM’s entered the service in the air forces of
Kazakhstan, India, and the export of Su-34 at all has not begun, until the
formation of a sufficient number of squadrons of these fighter-bombers in the Aerospace
Forces of the Russian Federation. According to recent estimates, there are 73 Su-34’s
in total.

Capabilities of other
machines have been known throughout the world for a long time. But this does
not mean that our weapons in Syria could not once again smack of our rivals or attract
the attention of potential buyers. 
Especially since with an assistant.

On the night of October
7th “naval strike group of the Russian Navy from a designated area of the
Caspian sea launched massive strikes with the “Caliber” sea-based cruise
missiles against infrastructure objects of ISIS in Syria. Cruise missiles
successfully hit all targets. The accuracy of engagement of targets at long
range was not more than 3 meters”, — reported on the website of the
Ministry of Defense

News about the use of
cruise missiles really excited the world community. Many journalists even
managed to say that “the funeral of the whole system have taken place almost
in front of our eyes “.

You can see this
“funeral” firsthand:

I think it is symbolic
that they took place on our President’s birthday.

“To defeat the
militants, in addition to aviation, this morning the ships of the Caspian
flotilla were engaged, the four rocket ships have conducted 26 launches of sea-based
“Caliber” cruise missiles at 11 targets the results of the strikes confirmed
high efficiency of the missiles at great distance — almost 1.5 thousand
kilometers” – Sergey Shoigu to “Russia 1” channel

Many American experts
have already managed to express their concerns. The use of cruise missiles by
us even became a central topic of discussion at the Atlantic Council – one of
the think tanks and U.S. foreign policy. Thus, chief of the NATO joint command
of aerospace defense Admiral William Gortney expressed his concern about the

“They are deploying missiles that are very
accurate and have very long range to such an extent that their long range
aircraft now can now stay within the Russian airspace and fire nuclear warheads
against targets and critical infrastructure in Canada, USA and the
North-Western Pacific coast. It forces us to catch the arrows instead of trying
to shoot the archers”.

It is understandable
to worry about something here. We first had to produce a couple of dozen
missiles and almost hit the American drone. But “Caliber” missile
system, which have been used in Syria, for the first time was presented at the
exhibition of defense systems in Asia in spring 2009, they entered service in
2012. The missile system was developed in 1983 by the “Innovator” design

 The “Caliber” Integrated missile systems are designed
to engage ground, sea surface and underwater targets.

The 3M14 missiles in
various configurations are part of:

missile complex for submarines;

missile complex for surface ships;

“Caliber-M” mobile
missile complex;

“Caliber-A” air-based
missile system;

All complexes have  common means of combat:

anti-ship missiles

high-precision cruise
missiles to destroy ground targets 3M-14;

missiles 91RT2 (“Caliber-NK”) and 91RT1 (“Caliber-PL”).

The missile 3M-14 is
the descendant of the legendary missile 3M-10 “Granat” and 3M-E
(export version representing a shortened “Granat” with a small

Unfortunately, the specifications
of the rocket, which made a noise, in Syria are not available online. Data can
be collected only by certain statements of higher-level commanders. So, the
commander of the Caspian flotilla rear-Admiral Sergei Alekminsky said that the
flight range of the new missiles is  about 2600 km, black sea fleet Commander
Alexander Vitko  called the figure of
1500 kilometers. Such discrepancy in figures is explained quite simple. All
depends on the design of missiles: nuclear or “high-explosive” (fitting
the missiles with special warheads). Judging by leaked reports, missiles which
were launched on October 7 were “high explosive”.

As for the rest of its
performance characteristics, we include only estimated values based on
analogies with the characteristics for missiles developed earlier. In
comparison with the characteristics of the American missile Tomahawk
(“Tomahawk” Block IV is taken from the website of the U.S. Navy and
from the fair brochure of the “Raytheon” company) in various versions
of “Granat” and 3M-14E,  “Caliber” specifications are as

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