Russian-Chinese Cooperation: Not Just Words [+video]


October 28, 2015- 

Maria Lisitskaya for –

Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet
Bear – 

Spiteful critics can
mumble all they want about how the friendship of Russia and China does not promise
adequate economic prospects and is used only for brainwashing the local
population. All of their skepticism now pops like a soap bubble. In the summer
of economic rapprochement between Russia and China, our mutual interest in
cooperation was confirmed by the “Innoprom”, and now the just-ended “Russian-Chinese
EXPO” exhibition has confirmed it once again.

Its predecessor is the
Harbin international trading-economic fair — the international exhibition, held
annually in China since 1990. It was a major base for trade and economic
investment and cooperation of stakeholders from multiple countries. The
significance of the Harbin fair was partnership between China and Russia. And
last summer, the first exhibition was held in a new format called “the
First Russian-Chinese EXPO: New platform — new opportunities”. Its results
were very impressive. Two hundred and fifty delegations from 74 Russian regions
and from more than one hundred of the largest companies and government agencies
presented their projects to 300 thousand specialists from 75 countries. The
result was more than 260 scientific and technical cooperation agreements signed,
and the volume of transactions has exceeded three billion dollars.

At “the Second
Russian-Chinese EXPO”, held under the slogan “One belt and one
road”, our country has set new tasks – to increase of volumes of mutual
trade, the growth of exports to foreign markets (not just China), search of new
directions of cooperation and foreign investors and demonstrate the investment
potential of our country. This year 1279 organizations and about 10 thousand
people from 103 countries gathered in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province
and they had a lot to show us.

The key motto of the
exhibition was “One belt and one road”, the participants paid much
attention to transport communication between Russia and China. The Chinese side
proposed to run freight services between Harbin and Vladivostok. They also
expressed the hope that we will increase our activity over the “Xuifenhe-Grodekovo”
railway border crossing. The “Poltavka-Dunin” border crossing was also
discussed there: “The solution of issues in all three transitions will
give the most cost-effective logistics between the two regions. Another thing
we recommend is to create a high-speed road between Vladivostok and Xuifenhe,”
said the first Secretary of the Heilongjiang provincial Committee of the
Communist party of China Wang Xiankui.

We, also didn’t ignore
the issue of transport communication. Thus, the delegation of the Amur region
presented the project of the cableway, which will link Blagoveshchensk with
China’s Heihe. But the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that
China may be interested in the development of the Northern sea route in the port
of which the next meeting with his colleague from China will be held.

But the exhibition was
not only about the transport routes. China is also interested in purely
domestic communications. Several companies from China were attracted to the construction
project of a rail-road bridge across the Lena River in Yakutia, and they
announced their intentions to take part in its construction.

A lot of projects from
the Russian regions, have received approval from Chinese investors. Companies
from China have expressed their desire to invest 1.5 billion yuan in the
construction of a dairy and grain complexes in Primorye, to create a joint
Russian-Chinese meat and dairy plant in the Khabarovsk region, as well as a
large logistic center in the framework of the “silk road” in the
Sverdlovsk region. They are interested in investment in mining and
metallurgical cluster of the Jewish Autonomous region and the joint development
of forest resources in Central, Ural, Siberian and far Eastern Federal
districts. Signed the contract on cooperation in the construction of
timber-chemical complex in Krasnoyarsk region in the amount of 100 billion

Many joint projects
have emerged in other areas. This, for example, cooperation in the nuclear sector
from the construction of floating power units in China to their joint creation
on the markets of other countries. The possibility of assisting the Chinese
lunar program by Russia has also been discussed. An agreement on preferential
loans for joint projects for the creation of wide-body aircraft and a heavy
helicopter has been reached.

Generally, the most
attention from our side was apparently in high-technology sectors of the
Chinese economy.

China has made significant progress in
recent years in this matter. It had serious ambitions, whether it’s the nuclear
industry or, say, space industry. We discussed specific projects, where there
are strong sides, where we can support each other. It is about the agreement
for the supply of Russian rocket engines to China, as well as upcoming supply
of the Chinese microelectronics”.

– Rogozin Dmitry

Indeed, in
electronics, China has carried out a mighty leap forward and successfully
supplies the world with, and the times of low-quality products from China, a
stereotype which is firmly stuck in the minds of some people, are long gone.
And the inscription “Saint-Epterburg” on St. Petersburg exposition,
made by the hands of Oriental masters was the only thing reminding us of those

In addition to the RD-180
rocket engines, about them Dmitry Rogozin said above, we have presented models
of the Su-30, Su-35, T-50 and Sukhoi SuperJet-100, which attracted serious
interest of foreign visitors.

In General, “the Second
Russian-Chinese EXPO” showed not only mutual economic interest of both
countries, but also showed how we position ourselves as subject for foreign
investment. Judging by the composition and activity of the participants from
our side, special attention is paid to the Far East and the territories of
priority development. The attention of the delegates from other States confirm
that there are a lot of prospects.

As for the cooperation
of China and Russia, the exhibition has become a regular, but not the last step
toward its strengthening. This positive trend confirms the fact that
“Third Russian-Chinese EXPO” in spite of twenty-five years of
tradition will be held on the territory of our country. And it certainly will
give us even more opportunities to show their best side and sign new profitable

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