Russian intelligence veteran: World Government and Russophobes in Ukraine.


October 13th, 2015 – 

With: Leonid Reshetnikov – 

Translated for Fort Russ by Paul Siebert –

An interview with expert Leonid Reshetnikov on the creation of Russophobia in Ukraine – it’s recent origins and use by the US. 

Director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies
told our correspondent if there is a world government and why anti-Russian
forces won in Kiev.

Leonid Reshetnikov is a retired Lieutenant General of
the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Head of the unique Russian Institute
of Strategic Studies. Its founder is the president of Russia. Can you imagine the
level on which the recommendations of the Institute’s analysts are studied?

We work on demand of the Presidential
Administration, – says Leonid Petrovich, and also conduct research on our own
initiative. Our staff consists of 210 highly experienced experts.

Novorosinform.  – For many people
the events in Ukraine were a shock. Meanwhile, your institute warned repeatedly
that such a scenario was possible.

– Even when I was a head of analytical research in our
intelligence service we were writing a lot about this. Our Institute was trying
to convey the idea that Ukraine was drifting towards the West. By leaps and
bounds under Yushchenko, on hands and knees under Yanukovich – but always in the same direction.

– Why no one listened to you?

– It is not quite the case. We had the Kharkov
agreements, the signed treaties regarding our naval base in Sevastopol, our loans.
But here it was necessary to take a cue from the Western world. They work with
all political forces that might be useful to them. And we relied only on the
Party of Regions, although there were a lot of pro-Russian organizations there –
from the Socialist Party of Vetrenko to the Orthodox Church organizations. This
is our tradition since the Soviet time – we prefer not to
work with the opposition. Therefore they beat us.

In addition, very little attention was paid to propaganda
– to
the moral, spiritual, and informational influence.

– When was this anti-Russian process launched?

– Strictly speaking, when the Soviet Ukraine was
created. Citizens in embroidered shirts should be praying to the portraits of
Lenin, but these ungrateful citizens are throwing him from pedestals.

I am from Kharkov myself, and I am convinced that
Ukraine is Russia, except for the western part, where there are many cultural
and ethnic peculiarities. More than half of the population in the Ukrainian
Soviet Socialist Republic (over 20 million people) considered themselves
Russian. But at the same time I remember as in 1968 I was invited to the
Ukrainian radio. I said that I did not speak Ukrainian properly. “Then we should
not be doing this!”, – was their reply to me. At school we were taught the
classics of the Ukrainian literature. But in fact, Ukraine did not have its
classical writers. None at all! Lesia Ukrainka, Ivan Franko – they were all beginning writers who tried to create something in the
language of the so called Little Russia, which was only being formed.

In the 60-ies a member of the Ukrainian Politburo Petr
Shelest was actively engaged in Ukrainisation. And in the 80-ies my country relatives
spoke directly to me: “We feed Muscovites with our bread!”. It is not
clear why the Russians live better now than their “breadwinners” who broke
away. Therefore, the contradictions were building up a long time ago. And now we
have to disentangle this mess.

– There is an opinion that the probable overthrow of President
Poroshenko by the Nazis could be even useful. The West would not support them
and they would not last long. And with the new authorities we would manage to
find a common tongue.

– The fact of the matter is that under any leaders
Ukraine can exist only as a hostile state to Russia, or as … no state as
such. Because if Russia is not made an enemy of, the question inevitably
arises: why are we not together? We have the common history, common culture,
practically common language. Everything here was built and arranged by Russia. Then
why should Ukraine be alone?! Therefore, history is rewritten. It is like
Macedonians who for a hundred years have been trying to show that they are not
Bulgarians. In Skopje there are monuments to the Roman Emperor Justinian, to
Alexander the Great. They sincerely believe they are the descendants of Alexander
the Great! 50 years ago they would have laughed at it, but by now they have
become used to this.

– But the Ukrainian nationalists believe they will become a member of
the European Union!

– You only have to look at what is going on – the very
existence of the EU is uncertain. Who needs them there? Even the western part
of Ukraine that is mentally close to Europe. In addition, the civil war is not
over yet.

– You accurately predicted in April that in summer a cease fire between
the UAF and Donbass militia would be on the verge of collapse. What can we
expect now?

– According to my estimates, in the coming months there
should be no escalation. But, unfortunately, everything can change very quickly.
If we fail to reach an agreement with the West on Syria, the United States in
retaliation could ignite the situation in the East of Ukraine. After all,
Poroshenko is completely under their control.

How long will it last? How long, in your opinion, russophobes will
remain in power in Kiev?

– Unfortunately, it can last long enough. The generation
of 25-30 year olds has been inoculated with Russophobic sentiments. Even in my
native Kharkov, 40 percent of the residents are at the crossroads – propaganda has done its part. But in my opinion, left-bank Ukraine will
recover from it in two or three years. But Kiev will need at least ten or even
twenty years. However, the sobering is inevitable. Any artificial idea is
doomed to death.

– You said that the CIA is not about intelligence. In fact, this is a
classic machine whose main goal is the organization of coups and
assassinations. Who is the next target – Tsipras, who won the elections?

– For the USA, Greece is not as relevant as Ukraine
and the Middle East. As the Balkans: they have put the squeeze on Bulgaria,
which is very important for us in economic and political terms. Now they are
pressuring Serbia. But I’m sure that for every relevant country they have a
plan of a coup and elimination of leaders. And Tsipras is no exception.

– Do they have a plan for Putin?

– The main objective of the US in relation to Russia
is the elimination of Putin. And there are different scenarios. Including
physical assassination. But it is very difficult to pull it off. Thus, the
priorities include the organization of disorders such as Maidan and color

– The security chief of Boris Yeltsin – Korzhakov once explained why he always
opened the limousine’s door to his boss. In order for the enemies not to smear
car handles with poisonous substance.  And
how do they plan to get to our leader?

– Recall that dim story with the downed Boeing. I
would not dismiss the possibility that the target was not the Malaysians, but
the plane of the Russian President. At the time Putin’s airliner was in the air
and even crossed paths with Boeing 777 at the same flight level and height. It
was an ideal opportunity for special services – it would be extremely difficult
to prove their involvement.

– Leonid Petrovich, you are a former intelligence agent and, therefore, an
informed person. How true are the conspiracy theories about the world
government? For example, there is a theory that the competing clans of the
Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are behind everything that happens in Russia. One
clan brought about the revolution of 1917, the other one was responsible for
Perestroika …

– When someone speaks ironically about conspiracy
theories I always say: “Look, the whole world history consists of
conspiracies!”.  But you should not be
carried away with only these two names. There are influential people who are
trying to make the world more manageable. National states are destroyed. Now
they are tackling Europe. I consider this flow of refugees very suspicious – it is organized artificially. These flows consist primarily of young 30
year old men. Strong men! This is no coincidence. Europe is in for a fun ride.

– Who are these influential people?

– Financiers, industrialists, heads of multinational
corporations. People without nationality, cosmopolitans. They are very
ideological as our Bolsheviks or the French revolutionaries. You need to keep
this in mind to understand their motives. Even profit is not the main thing for
them. They are the Antichrist.

Do they serve “black mass” ?!

– Perhaps, but not necessarily. What is important is that
they are trying to destroy the traditional world, attitudes and values. They are
consciously fighting with God.

In our country, many people call themselves atheists,
but, in fact, they are not. They do not go to the church, but they have, as
they say, the fear of God, they believe they are not allowed to do as they
please. But those people we are talking about – they really think so. They deem
themselves to be above everyone else, they are the rulers of the world and of
the universe. They are the chosen ones. And God is no authority for them. All
evil and negative characters on the world stage over the past three or four
hundred years are of their making.

– Some people believe that England is behind all the troubles of the
world. There is even an expression
“the Englishwoman

– There is certain truth to this. A lot of bad stuff
originated there. They were the first to renounce the Church creating their own
Anglican church for the sake of another king, Henry VIII, to make it possible
for him to marry his mistress. All sorts of secret societies and so on. Their
former colony – the United States – adopted many such things. But it is not a
matter of countries anymore. I am sure that Democrat Obama and Republican Bush are
patriots of their country. They are even believers. But the people whose
interests they represent do not care about the interests of the United States.
If it seems to them that the world system is no longer effective, they will
break it easily. They will sacrifice America for their interests.

– Who are the members of this anti-Christian Politburo?

– They are always in the shadows. You know, I have met
people whose names you never see in the Forbes lists. But their fortunes are in
the hundreds of billions. Bill Gates is a child compared to them. It is
extremely difficult to fight those who are in the shadows. But we have to be
honest, to bravely and consistently defend our principles and our country. And we
will win!

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