Russian justice: ‘Moderate’ ammo for ‘moderate’ terrorists


October 4, 2015

Vasily Terkin for Cont

Translated by Kristina Rus

All recent official statements by Western politicians and media can be summed up in words: “If there is a terrorist not called “ISIS”, they can continue to engage in terrorism and cutting people’s heads. Because they are “moderate terrorists”.


After reading the official position of Washington, personally, I was touched. The concept of “moderate terrorists” sunk in to my inexperienced soul. On the one hand, the US claims that Russia is bombing “peaceful opposition”. On the other hand, at the objects of this “peaceful opposition”, something constantly detonates and explodes. Probably in the underground warehouses of the “peaceful opposition” bombed by the Russian air force, detonate and explode clots of peace and kindness that “peaceful opposition” was generously endowed with by the CIA. 

At the same time, Washington absolutely makes no secret that the CIA is funding, training and arming the “peaceful opposition” in Syria. If I understand correctly the official statements of Washington, the “peaceful opposition” in Syria, with the help of the CIA, constantly transforms into armed terrorists – “the moderates”. USA is always talking about some kind of “moderate Syrian opposition”. “Moderate opposition” is peaceful opposition. And the “peaceful opposition” is the opposition that is not armed. “Opposition” is a political term. People with arms cannot be “opposition”. It can be an armed fighter who fights on the side of the opposition. But he can’t be “the opposition”, regardless of his political views and beliefs. He will only become  “opposition” when he lays down his weapons and begins to defend his beliefs by political, and not military methods.

But still, we’re not just talking about some ordinary terrorists, but good terrorists, that is – moderate terrorists armed and trained by the CIA, specifically for the purpose of overthrowing lawful authority in another sovereign country. This changes the matter! 

Realizing all this, I almost started to cry knowing that somewhere in the distant Syria, the Russian air force is dropping bombs not on terrorists, as expected, but on the moderate terrorists trained by the CIA! With a sense of my civic duty, I immediately called. And not somewhere, but directly the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Some girl answered, whom I immediately asked:

“Why did you bomb the terrorists in Syria, they’re moderates – the CIA trained and armed them?! They don’t behead captives and burn people alive just for fun. They accurately perform their task, which was assigned to them by the CIA. They very conscientiously and very moderately carry out all orders of the CIA aimed at overthrowing the legitimate authority in Syria. And only for this, you bomb them?!”.

The girl transferred me to the officer on duty, who very politely explained: “Even before the military operation in Syria, the General staff of the Defense Ministry made a responsible decision. The essence of this solution lies in our traditional Russian desire to adhere strictly to the principles of legality and justice. So now, all of our munitions are divided into two categories: regular and moderate. Against ordinary terrorists, we use only conventional munitions. Against moderate terrorists, we use solely moderate ammunition. So don’t worry, we take into account the moderation of some of the terrorists and treat them with justice.”

After these words, I felt relieved. But I still asked: “Do you really use exclusively moderate ammo against moderate terrorists, is this true?!”

The source said: “Word of honor!”. 

I felt much better. To clarify, I asked: “Tell me, how your conventional munitions differ from the moderate?”

“Our conventional munitions differ from moderate exactly the same as regular terrorists in Syria are different from the moderate terrorists: they are painted with different paint, in a lighter and more moderate tones,” – said the officer and hung up.

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