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Ocotober 11, 2015 – 

rusvesna – translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear – 

A native of Donbass
with the Callsign “Timur”, is currently in the Kurdish militia,
responsible for the coordination of actions with the units of the Syrian army has
told the “Russian Spring” the summary of combat operations of the
army of Syria and the Russian Aerospace Force for the last two days.

The direction of the main strike

Operation of government
forces in Syria unfolds on two main areas.

The first direction is
Hama. The province capital – a rich developed city is in a kind of semicircle
of the territories captured by militants and terrorists. 

Now they are fighting
for the town of Kefar Nbuda, located ten kilometers North of Hama. 

The day
before the militants retreated from the district of qal’at Madiq and Mgir. 

Taking this area opens the way for the government troops on rebel positions in
districts of Habita, El-Litany, Kefar Zita and Khan Shaykhun.

The second area is
North of Latakia province and southern Idlib province. 

Here the attack is
conducted along the mountain range, across the plain of Sahl al-Haba. 

It is
impossible to reinforce the success of the government forces here without the
capture of the fortifications of the militants on the heights. 

These positions
allow the terrorists to fire literally through the plain, on both sides. 

big problem for the government forces are the American anti-tank guided
complexes (ATGM) “Tau-1”, which militants use skillfully and

The first success

Night of October 8th /
9th, Syrian commandos in a furious and brutal attack took the village of Kharbat al-Nakus. 

Now there is a fight going
on for the fortified post of the enemy on the other side.  

Its capture will allow Syrian troops to move
forward, towards Idlib.

The enemy which the
Syrian army confronts is serious. 

Most of the territories in this part of the
country are controlled by terrorist groups “Jabhat al-Nusra”

There is a rigid chain of command in their units, they are well
provided with means of communication, know the techniques and requirements of
modern warfare, have combat experience and are well-armed. 

Thanks to foreign
sponsors, they have tanks, APCs, armored cars, equipment, radar equipment and
the already mentioned ATGM.

The role of aviation of Russia

The chief of the
General staff of the armed forces of Syria General Ali Ayoub was right, noting
the role of Russian air operations against ISIL and al-Qaeda. 

The Syrian army
and militia were able to accumulate manpower and weapons. 

But without
undermining the system of supplying and command of the terrorists, the fight
for freedom of their country from terror would have cost the Syrian people a
huge amount of human lives.

Meanwhile, the Russian
Aerospace Force continues to inflict strikes on targets of terrorists. 

infrastructure of ISIL and other terrorist groups is affected by the Russian
aviation in the areas of Deir AZ-Zor, Damascus and Aleppo.

During the day, several
gang of terrorists were struck, a hidden command post, communications hub,
firing positions and underground hideouts, an ammunition depot and repair shop
armor were destroyed. 

It became known that as a result of the strike at the
stronghold of militants in the district of Morek the head of the local group
“Muhammad al-Shamshan” was seriously wounded  (as this part of the summary, here it is more
appropriate to focus on more accurate and detailed report from the Ministry of
defense of Russia -note of the “Russian Spring”).

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