Sociopath Media report – 10th October, 2015


by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Guardian of Lies

Liberal UK outfit ‘The Guardian’ received the dressing down it deserves when it tried to dance with the ‘barrel bomb’ devil:

Guardian accused of passing off terrorist “hell cannon” as “barrel bombs”

The offence in question relates to an article that was written whereby they show a picture with the caption of:

“An unverified photo of an unexploded barrel bomb alleged to contain napalm gel.”

What the picture actually shows is the ammunition of a ‘moderate’ hell cannon:

But of course, we know, from The Guardian’s coverage of the Putsch regime in Kiev, that they have a permanent parrot in their ear with an American accent.

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Michael McFaul is essentially a muppet. His Facebook profile can be viewed here:

His claim to epicfail ‘fame’ was his whitewash of events in Ukraine, where, in his screenplay, Poroshenko was the protagonist. It seems he too has joined in the proxy coverup operation going on in Syria:

Clicking the link he provides takes you to……. wait for it…………….. THE NEW YORK TIMES!

“ISIS makes significant gains”? If that’s true, how did RT manage to get to this location in Hama without greeting a bearded ‘moderate’? Aleppo is being cleansed by the hour in a similar fashion. Go home McFaul, you are drunk!

New York Times tells the truth…kinda

Today the NYT published a piece with a headline that…….. actually made sense. I know, I know, its crazy, right? Well there is a catch – according to Obama, there are 2 types of ‘moderates’: the FSA, and the CIA-backed rebels. The MSM go as far as acknowledging both exist, because they were forced to since Vlad laid the hammer down at the UNGA. So they aren’t telling the truth, like Fort Russ does for example, but indirectly telling the truth through their own newspeak narrative. The use of the word ‘blitz’ is suspect however, as it has WW2 Nazi connotations, so I suspect some subliminal projection going on there:

CIA backed Syrian rebels under Russian Blitz

Invisible Cluster Bombs 

When Russia first began to aid the Syrian Arab Army by bombing militant HQ’s, munition depots, and other logistic targets, the Zionist American media released a flurry of pre-prepared reports that accused Putin everything but wiping out the dinosaurs. One of the said reports is a total fabrication regarding the use of cluster bombs. No photos or tangible evidence exists of said munitions being dropped by a Mig, but that has never stopped Washington claiming so (WMD anyone?). What is even more sickening is that, as a matter of fact, their allies in the gulf are currently dropping the UN-banned cluster bombs on Yemen. Here we see an example of the fabrications:

Standing up to a cyberbully

Qatar-based compulsive liar Charles Lister logged into Twitter today to find Murad Gazdiev, the reporter in the RT video earlier in the Sociopath Media report, waiting for him. Murad decides to step in after a quad-tweet tirade which began with this:

The gist is that Charles is trying to cover up the fact that arms that Washington have sent to the ‘moderates’ have magically ended up in the hands of the not-so-moderates:

It is wonderful to see Mr Lister being called out for the lying shill that he is. It should be noted that according to the website of his boss, Brookings Institute, it is against their code of conduct to say anything unfavourable about Qatar. 

Later on Charles breaks ‘kayfabe’, rendering his whole operation useless:


Nevermind, State Department employee #349534958 to the rescue:

Russia calls the ‘moderates’ – John McCain’s cellphone rings…

In what is an interesting development in the ‘can I have the FSA contact details please?‘ troll attempt by Putin, it turns out they managed to get hold of a ‘moderate’, but they are not sure how representative of the FSA they are.

Russia has established contacts with the Syrian opposition

In other words, the number listed for ‘Bin Laden 2.0’ goes through to Mr Nusra. All of this is a glorious chess move by Vlad to further humiliate the West so much so that even Ray Charles can see what’s really been going on. 

Homework assignment 

Following this man’s instructions, one can see for themselves just how many armchair analysts there are lurking in the dark and dangerous cyber woods:

Pics or it didn’t happen! 

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