Sociopath Media report – 13th October, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Bomb the Kurds

According to Reuters, it is okay to support Al Qaeda, but supporting the PKK or YPG is terrorism.  

Turkey warns U.S., Russia against backing Kurdish militia in Syria

Turkey has warned the United States and Russia it will not tolerate Kurdish territorial gains by Kurdish militia close to its frontiers in north-western Syria, two senior officials said.

Excuse us whilst we split our sides. It isn’t really Turkey that is doing the finger-pointing here, it’s NATO. Russia should arm the Kurds just to troll Sultan Erdogan. NATO would move Turkey’s airspace 500 miles south just to blame Russia for something (oh wait, that actually happened). 

“This is clear cut for us and there is no joking about it,” one official said of the possibility of Syrian Kurdish militia crossing the Euphrates to extend control along Turkish borders from Iraq’s Kurdistan region towards the Mediterranean coast.

They are really concerned about a Kurdish invasion, yet have allowed countless ISIS head-choppers to cross the border both ways. Turkey is learning ‘what goes around, comes around’, a price one pays when you listen to General Breedlove. 

One of many Takfiri Rat’s decimated today

Tide is Turning

The New York Times *sigh*. Here we have an article that aims at pretending that the Syrian crisis hasn’t been a proxy war from the start. 

U.S. Weaponry Is Turning Syria Into Proxy War With Russia

As well as more Kurd bashing, the article features a video from the Free Syrian Army. Now if one were to glimpse through past Sociopath Media reports, or the Internet in general, one would see images of FSA and ISIS soldiers hand in hand, flag by flag. Russia is still waiting for contact details of the FSA and it’s members, maybe John McCain will say he just got a new cellphone and hope Russia was dropped on its head at birth. 

Reddit – disinfo central

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Just a quick browse of the Geopolitics subreddit shows us why it’s a great place to go for western propaganda.  Attempts to post Eastern, or heaven forbid, Russian sources will result in deletion by a power-hungry mod. Here we have a post regarding the Syrian pro-Russian rally outside the Russian Embassy on the 13th October. Note that the thread has been labeled ‘unconfirmed’, even though many many pictures and videos were published online at the time of the post. Here are two examples:

Unfortunately the rally ended on a sour note, as Obama’s thugs launched a couple of shells in the general vicinity. Sergei Lavrov was not impressed with this, labelling it a “terrorist act”:

International Bore 


The European Council on Foreign relations went full ‘1984’ with this piece, reinventing what happened at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. 

European leaders need to find a way to put President Putin back on the diplomatic defensive…the UN may be the best place for them to act

What we saw at the UNGA was the birth of a new bipolar world, with U.S. hegemony being slowly euthanized by a strange phenomenon called ‘International Law’. It works like this: Foreign country A is struggling with terrorism – they ask Foreign Country B to help them fight said terrorism. It’s a crazy concept I know, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So according to the ECFR, the UN is still yet to be utilised, even though the 70th UNGA just passed, and Putin stood in front of Ban Ki Moon, and got the green light for airstrikes. In fact, since the UNGA, many EU leaders have openly stated that the sanctions on Russia need to end. 

Despite his recent successes, Putin is diplomatically vulnerable in New York. His contemptuous address to the General Assembly, in which he emphasised Russia’s right and readiness to use its Security Council veto rights to control the UN, was not calculated to gain him many friends among other leaders.

This section makes much more sense if a few substitutions are made. Lets try that now:

In addition to recent failures, Obama is diplomatically vulnerable in New York. His contemptuous address to the General Assembly, in which he emphasised America’s right and readiness to arm ‘moderates’ to oust the Syrian President, was not calculated to gain him many friends among other leaders.

There we go, much better! 

Give that man a pay rise!

Who ever hacked German Al Qaeda sympathiser Julian Röpcke’s Twitter account deserves to be inducted into the cyber Hall of Fame.  During the periods when Julian does have control of his account however, the sub-zoology typing continues, with the following tweet being the epitome of why he is hated:

The link takes you to a 35 second YouTube video, which could of been from any war since colour TV was invented.

If Julian does quit Twitter, he will always be remembered for this tweet:


Today the Dutch Safety Board released the long awaited report in the to MH17 incident. The report however, leaves more questions than answers, as it only managed to blame the Ukrainian authorities for not closing the air space in time.  It is very important to remember how the Lamestream Media reported on the incident, because it gives us the answers we  are seeking.


Here we have The Daily Mail (Pro-Royal rag) deliberately positioning 2 articles side-by-side: One about the Duchess of Cambridge’s child, and one about the MH17 incident. Immediately  one would think that the headline “Putin’s killed my son” is referring to the young Prince. There is absolutely no need to put those stories side-by-side, unless you are trying to brainwash sheep. Then we have The Sun. What more can be said about The Sun? It’s probably the most vile publication in existence, with American media offering some close competition. The other two papers state that Putin has murdered some Britons, without any conclusive evidence presented whatsoever. It was clear this was planned in advance, to piggyback the White House narrative, and of course, whitewash what was happening in Donbass at the time. “The Novorossiyan army are Putin’s Separatists” blah blah blah…

Picture refers to the recent meeting between Saud and Russia

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